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VBD Parts Revolutionizes Auto Parts Distribution with WIB Smart Locker Integration!

In the bustling auto parts distribution sector, VBD Parts – the nascent Distrigo HUB under the Stellantis group umbrella, operating on the outskirts of Brescia – emerges as a genuine pioneer. It leads the pack among Distrigo HUBs and within the broader Italian Independent Aftermarket (IAM) distribution scene by introducing a tailor-made service aimed at […]

WIB and Ricoh Equip Bologna with 3 Smart Lockers for the URBANE Sustainable Logistics Initiative

Bologna is leading the charge in sustainable urban logistics with the launch of an ambitious pilot project of European scope. This initiative sees the deployment of 3 Smart Lockers, supplied by WIB in partnership with Ricoh Italy, aiming to revolutionize goods delivery in the historic core of the city, enhancing efficiency and environmental sustainability. This […]

Banca CRS: the first bank in Italy to introduce Smart Lockers in its branches

Banca CRS has marked a historic moment in the history of Italian banks, becoming the first to provide its employees and customers with not one, but two innovative services made possible thanks to Smart Lockers, special intelligent cabinets strategically placed at the ATM counters, and easily accessible to the public. In total, the branches involved […]

WIB’s Smart Lockers Revolutionize Grocery Delivery with Everli

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Everli, the renowned home grocery delivery service. In this project, we installed two of our multi-temperature Smart Lockers at two Pewex supermarkets in Rome. These Lockers, equipped with a total of 30 compartments divided between room temperature, refrigerated (temperatures ranging from 2°C (35.6°F) to 8°C (46.4°F)), and […]

Aeroporti di Roma, WIB Smart Lockers Arrive at Fiumicino: Buy When You Leave, Collect When You Return!

Pictured, left to right: Elena Federici – Sales Manager WIB; Costanza Rebecchini – Account Manager Retail ADR; Alice Assom – Account Manager Ricoh; Isabelle Vinet – Stageur BU Commercial ADR. In the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to enhance the passenger experience at airports in Rome, we have collaborated with ADR (Aeroporti di Roma SpA) […]

Padel Trend Expo 2023: CARE SPORT presents “Care Box,” WIB and Ricoh’s Smart Lockers for padel equipment rental!

Padel: a sport invented in Mexico at the end of the 1960s that – as of today – in Italy alone counts with more than 7,000 courts (of which more than 2,300 are indoor) and a number of fans and enthusiasts that exceeds one million people (thanks to Mr. Padel Paddle for the always up-to-date […]

WIB Smart Lockers: the Parcel Lockers that revolutionize parcel reception in the office

In collaboration with our partner Ricoh, we installed 3 Parcel Lockers for a client that is a provider of outsourcing, digital solutions for business process management, and innovative services (which has been present extensively in Italy for more than 20 years now). These 3 Smart Lockers were made available to a major multinational energy and […]

Corporate welfare: company canteens become 4.0 with WIB refrigerated smart lockers!

Even in the Milanese suburbs, more precisely in Ossona, Smart Lockers have become synonymous with innovation: at the headquarters of Dolcissimo/Solo Italia, where the catering service is entrusted to CAMST, a refrigerated Food Locker has been installed for use by the company’s employees and their guests! The installation, which took place in collaboration with our […]

Self-service pickup points: Getlocky chooses WIB Smart Lockers to implement innovative Parcel Locker service

More and more people want to use Smart Lockers to receive their online purchases but it is not always possible if these smart lockers are not installed in their apartment building, workplace, or otherwise in facilities that are easily and conveniently accessible. Getlocky is an Italian reality that aims to create a network of Smart […]

Data4 Group invests in corporate welfare with Joinfruit Fresh: fruit, vegetables and meat delivered via a refrigerated Smart Locker

Data4 Group invests in corporate welfare for its staff and chooses OP Joinfruit Fresh service: fruits and vegetables sourced directly from the producer and delivered to employees through a refrigerated Smart Locker. The installation was carried out in collaboration with our partner Ricoh at the Cornaredo (Milan) office of Data4 Group. How does the service […]


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