Padel: a sport invented in Mexico at the end of the 1960s that – as of today – in Italy alone counts with more than 7,000 courts (of which more than 2,300 are indoor) and a number of fans and enthusiasts that exceeds one million people (thanks to Mr. Padel Paddle for the always up-to-date data!).

That padel is becoming an increasingly popular sport is undeniable, and it is also demonstrated by the success of the first very large Italian trade fair dedicated to the sport, Padel Trend Expo, held at the Centro Congressi di Fiera Milano City from January 13 to 15 this year.

Why are we writing about it? Because we were there too, as a technology partner of CARE SPORT, an Italian startup offering an innovative outdoor gym platform to the market.

During Padel Trend Expo, CARE SPORT presented its Care Box, a Smart Locker powered by WIB (in collaboration with Ricoh Italy) capable of bringing rental paddles and small accessories inside padel clubs!

Through the Sportclubby app, in fact, CARE SPORT gives the possibility to choose the nearest Smart Locker, pick up the equipment to play or train and, once the session is over, put it away: easy and practical, it allows you to transform the city into your own gym!

Super kudos to Michel Remino and Paolo Capelli, co-founders of CARE SPORT, and their entire team for setting up a booth full of surprises and meetings with the best players in the sport!

For those who would like to learn more about CARE SPORT and its innovative projects, here is the official website!