Bologna is leading the charge in sustainable urban logistics with the launch of an ambitious pilot project of European scope. This initiative sees the deployment of 3 Smart Lockers, supplied by WIB in partnership with Ricoh Italy, aiming to revolutionize goods delivery in the historic core of the city, enhancing efficiency and environmental sustainability.

This endeavor aligns with Bologna’s comprehensive Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS), establishing proximate logistic hubs. These strategically situated micro-hubs at Porta San Mamolo, Via Calori, and Via Berlinguer facilitate the transition of goods from conventional, often sizable and typically fossil-fueled vans, to exceptionally compact electric vehicles. This shift is poised to markedly diminish emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and broadly mitigate environmental impact, particularly concerning the notoriously pollutant and challenging last-mile deliveries.

The project forms a part of the URBANE initiative (Upscaling Innovative GReen UrBan Logistics Solutions through Multi-Actor Collaboration & Physical Internet (PI)-inspired Last Mile DelivEries), supported by Horizon Europe, the European Union’s flagship program for research and innovation.

Chosen alongside Valladolid (Spain), Helsinki (Finland), and Thessaloniki (Greece), Bologna is one of the pilot cities tasked with exploring cutting-edge solutions to enhance the sustainability of urban delivery systems.

WIB has contributed Smart Lockers to this initiative, integrating advanced delivery flow monitoring technologies and, together with project partners, blockchain solutions to ensure secure, traceable access for carriers and last-mile operatives.

WIB is immensely proud to play a role in this significant initiative: with the capacity to manage approximately 100 packages daily and the collaboration of three major logistics operators, including our partner Gel Proximity, and local allies like the Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation, Due Torri Spa, Typ, and Salerno Trasporti, a transformative shift in Bologna’s goods delivery landscape is underway.

Our administrator, Alfonso Correale, shares his enthusiasm:

I am delighted that our company and solutions could contribute to this vital pilot project, showcasing a historic Italian city. The pressing need to innovate logistics, particularly the last mile, towards greater sustainability is clear. We strive for cities that are more conducive to human well-being, seeking harmonious balances that merge modernity with quality of life. The URBANE project adeptly tackles last-mile transport issues, the most significant contributor to urban pollution and traffic congestion.”

This project not only reinforces Bologna’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for sustainability but also signifies a crucial step towards the goal of 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030.

We are genuinely thrilled to contribute to initiatives of this nature: with our smart lockers and the collective effort of everyone involved, from carriers and retailers to end consumers and institutions, the future of sustainable urban delivery is already upon us!