In collaboration with our partner Ricoh, we installed 3 Parcel Lockers for a client that is a provider of outsourcing, digital solutions for business process management, and innovative services (which has been present extensively in Italy for more than 20 years now).

These 3 Smart Lockers were made available to a major multinational energy and natural gas company, whose employees use them daily to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence in a flexible, agile, and secure manner.

The Lockers are equipped with truly unique software: the system is fully integrated with the mail booking and notification dispatch platform that allows employees to easily and autonomously manage inbound and outbound mail flows.

The hardware has also been customized to meet the specific needs of the service user customer: we have created a real “filing cabinet” with 34 column cells, a format that is perfectly suited to the management of small parcels and envelopes and, in addition, allows for the best ratio between the footprint of the Smart Locker and the number of shipments that can be managed simultaneously.

Finally, the arrangement of the modules also has some notable peculiarities: for the first time we also carried out a “horseshoe” shape installation, a more challenging project than usual on the wiring front that was successfully completed, putting the entire solution into operation on schedule.

More and more Smart Lockers are being chosen by companies attentive to innovation and the well-being of their staff as a corporate welfare measure: we had talked about it in a dedicated post!