Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers


Smart lockers and last-mile delivery: a smart solution to reduce traffic and environmental impact from e-commerce

961 million parcels: this is the figure released by AGCOM, the Communications Authority, regarding the delivery of parcels on Italian territory in 2021. The figure, up 3.5 percent when compared with the previous year, testifies to Italians’ growing familiarity with online shopping, an increasingly ingrained habit that grew significantly during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, with […]

Thousands of stores are closing, and there is talk of the retail apocalypse: how can this change be tackled?

1 out of every 2 malls in the US could close by 2023. Caused by the crisis and by a new way of shopping, how can “traditional” stores reinvent themselves in order to survive?

Vending machines, a legacy of excellence made in Italy: From Japan to Singapore, curious facts and numbers

Which Country is the largest vending machine manufacturer? Which one has the largest number installed? How many vending machines are there in China? Where is the biggest one located? Between numbers and other curiosities, here’s how vending machines are changing the buying experience.

The omni-channel shopping experience: Sephora Flash concept a glimpse of things to come?

We live in the era of continuous technological evolution. Retail market players focus and compete in the digital world. The days in which consumers were happy with any experience that allowed them to click on a product, add to cart and check out are over. In order to gain a competitive advantage, retailers need to […]


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