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Smart Locker

New challenges for facility managers: from green transition to hybrid work, here’s why Smart Lockers are an increasingly valuable resource

There is growing importance in the company of this role, which now also has dedicated training paths and its own anniversary, which in 2023 falls on May 10. The facility manager is an increasingly essential figure in many organizations because he or she is the person responsible for managing and optimizing space and resources within […]

New means of shopping: from the supermarket to smart distributor, what’s new for buyers?

Automatic boxes, smart distributors, e-commerce … How does our daily way of spending change? Here are a few points on the subject!

Amazon The Hub and other solutions: are we stepping into the age of residential parcel lockers?

24/7 pick-up, increased privacy and traceability: parcel lockers offer various advantages. Whilst Amazon is bringing them to apartment buildings and convenience stores, there are other locations and use cases in which smart lockers are revealing their efficacy thank to WIB

smart vending machine wib copernico milano

Smart vending machines vs traditional vending machines: where’s the difference?

Thanks to an internet connection, the units can communicate in real time with a centralized control platform that receives real time data flows that can be useful: here is how, and why!


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