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About Smart Lockers & data centers: interview with Marco Calculli, Global Process Owner at Data4Group

Our daily lives are increasingly intertwined with resources found on the web, in what we commonly call the “cloud,” where we store our photos, work documents, etc. Behind this conventional name, however, which evokes lightness and intangibility, are a series of complex and technologically advanced facilities known as “data centers,” which house the computers we […]

WIB Attains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security: A Conversation with Luca Salvatori

Pictured: Claudio De Girolamo, Operations Director of WIB (left), and Luca Salvatori, Service & Process Director of WIB (right) In our rapidly digitalizing world, the importance of information security for all businesses is paramount. Companies are now expected to implement an ISMS – Information Security Management System – to safeguard their operations. The ISO 27001 […]


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