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Z Lockers for Z Padel Club: Smart Lockers WIB at the service of an experience that changes the rules of the game

Padel is a sport that in recent years has seen a real explosion even in Italy (although the Italian Padel Game Federation – F.I.G.P. – was born back in 1991), following its massive spread in Spain and Latin America; in 2020 in our country there were 800 facilities and 1,750 padel courts, three times more […]

WIB Smart locker and Sofia Locks Smart lock: the ideal combination for safer and more flexible shared spaces

All WIB solutions have a common goal: to improve people’s experience in different spaces (living, working, leisure, etc.) through the use of technology. Some examples are the use of Parcel Locker in coworking spaces but also in condominiums or university residences, the management through Smart Locker of company devices (asset management in the company), the […]


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