In the bustling auto parts distribution sector, VBD Parts – the nascent Distrigo HUB under the Stellantis group umbrella, operating on the outskirts of Brescia – emerges as a genuine pioneer. It leads the pack among Distrigo HUBs and within the broader Italian Independent Aftermarket (IAM) distribution scene by introducing a tailor-made service aimed at streamlining and enhancing order management for workshops.

Dubbed the Locker Room, this innovative service empowers workshops within the “VBD Top Network” – a consortium of elite operators – to collect orders independently, around the clock, weekends included, leveraging a WIB-supplied Smart Locker situated within a secure locker room.

This initiative is born from a keen understanding of the sector’s expressed needs and VBD Parts’ commitment to delivering tangible, avant-garde solutions to its clientele.

In partnership with VBD Parts, we devised a system where orders placed by 6:00 PM on any business day are prepped and stored in the Smart Locker. Customers are then notified via email with detailed pickup instructions, affording them unparalleled flexibility and autonomy.

This efficient process cuts down wait times and navigates past the constraints of traditional business hours, aligning seamlessly with the modern workshop’s demand for swift and efficient service. Additionally, any orders not retrieved within 48 hours are seamlessly rolled into the next delivery cycle, ensuring a consistent service flow.

The Locker Room represents a quantum leap in Italy’s independent auto parts distribution industry, showcasing VBD Parts’ attentiveness to partner needs and its drive to continually push the envelope.

Francesco Marangio, Managing Director at VBD Parts, shared his enthusiasm for the project: “Our collaboration with WIB was pivotal in bringing our vision to life – a service centered around the unique requirements of workshops. The sophisticated technology of WIB’s Smart Lockers allowed us to introduce a singular service, poised to inject a wave of innovation and dynamism into the sector. This exemplifies how tuning into our clients’ needs and forging alliances with forefront technology partners like WIB can culminate in impactful solutions that refine workshop operations and elevate the entire auto parts distribution industry.

The initiation of the Locker Room’s trial phase marks the inception of an innovative trajectory that, propelled by Smart Lockers, elevates the standards of auto parts supply and, consequentially, customer service standards.

The deployment of intelligent lockers signals a more intuitive, accessible future for automotive sector logistics, affirming the critical role of innovation and ongoing alignment with market and consumer demands.

Through initiatives like the Locker Room, VBD Parts underscores the importance of customer-centricity and responsiveness as cornerstones for thriving in a dynamically evolving marketplace.