Even in the Milanese suburbs, more precisely in Ossona, Smart Lockers have become synonymous with innovation: at the headquarters of Dolcissimo/Solo Italia, where the catering service is entrusted to CAMST, a refrigerated Food Locker has been installed for use by the company’s employees and their guests!

The installation, which took place in collaboration with our partner Ricoh, was particularly challenging, but thanks to the possibility of configuring the Locker with the two modules (control and storage) positioned in an L-shape, we were able to optimize the best use of the available space.

The meal reservation is made through the CAMST app, and the employee can make the pickup with the codes available (usable directly from the app itself). A few seconds et voilà: les jeux sont faits!

The Smart Locker is not the only innovation made available to improve employees’ lunch break: among the solutions provided is also self-service lunch, as well as pizza and special dishes, bar gastronomy, and a whole range of options designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

For years, we have been working together with CAMST with the goal of improving corporate welfare by transforming the traditional company canteen into canteen 4.0, an innovative, efficient, and automated format that gives people the ability to conveniently pick up their lunch box from the Smart Locker for an even more enjoyable and flexible break!