We are proud to announce our collaboration with Everli, the renowned home grocery delivery service.

In this project, we installed two of our multi-temperature Smart Lockers at two Pewex supermarkets in Rome.

These Lockers, equipped with a total of 30 compartments divided between room temperature, refrigerated (temperatures ranging from 2°C (35.6°F) to 8°C (46.4°F)), and frozen (down to -18°C (-0.4°F)), prove indispensable for Everli’s staff, facilitating their tasks and optimizing the entire process.

But how do deliveries work with our Lockers?

Once an order is placed through the app, a specialized staff member, known as the “picker”, receives the order details. The picker’s responsibility is not limited to simply collecting items; they handle the entire process meticulously, selecting products inside the supermarket chosen by the user during booking. They then place the groceries in the multi-temperature locker.

Then, the “driver” comes into play, tasked with retrieving the groceries from the locker to deliver them to the end user. This system allows for both activities (preparation and delivery) to be executed in quick succession, speeding up the entire process.

Our Smart Lockers replace the previous delivery management method, which involved groceries placed on furniture and marked with loose notes: now, each grocery order has its dedicated compartment, kept at the right temperature, ensuring optimal food preservation and minimizing errors.

With the implementation of these Smart Lockers, we’ve not only helped enhance Everli’s service efficiency but also improved the working experience of its staff. The setup phase at the Everli corner is simplified by a touchscreen for loading and automatic code assignment for pickup, eliminating the need for traditional methods or manual writing.

The entire process management has been optimized and accelerated: while the “Picker” prepares the groceries, familiar with the supermarket’s product layout, the “Driver” is already en route to the pick-up point. This synchronization allows for parallel execution of the two tasks.

Furthermore, the working experience of Everli’s operators has been refined, with streamlined processes free from error margins, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.