More and more people want to use Smart Lockers to receive their online purchases but it is not always possible if these smart lockers are not installed in their apartment building, workplace, or otherwise in facilities that are easily and conveniently accessible.

Getlocky is an Italian reality that aims to create a network of Smart Lockers that allow people to take advantage of convenient, safe, and flexible pickups thanks to self-service pickup points located in major Italian cities.

At these points, it is possible to receive any online purchase, exchange items with other Getlocky users, or have groceries delivered by participating merchants.

Getlocky has already installed 3 lockers located within the city of Reggio Emilia and by 2023 the goal is to expand the network throughout Emilia-Romagna and northern Italy!

An ad hoc app has also been developed and is available for iOS and Android: the app allows registrants to manage the deliveries of orders placed online (cell reservation, Locker selection, etc.) and/or to use a reserved cell as a simple storage facility or to exchange items with other Getlocky users.

Getlocky thus offers two types of reservations:

  1. courier reservation (for online purchases)
  2. generic booking (for exchanging items or documents with other Getlocky users or for using the cell as a simple storage facility)

Through the app, it is also possible to delegate another Getlocky user to pick up a package.

To use the system, which charges a small daily fee for the use of a cell, it is sufficient to have the QR code contained in the reservation or ticket received, which is scanned directly via smartphone using the reader installed on the locker.

We trusted WIB because we were looking for a company with solid experience on the Smart Locker front that could help us offer our customers a quality experience,” says Gianmaria Maletti, CEO of Getlocky; “we want a community to grow with Getlocky that not only uses Lockers to pick up online orders but can have them as a collective tool that can facilitate various aspects of daily life.

WIB immediately understood our needs and we were very happy with both the installation of the Lockers and the technology platform provided, which makes Getlocky such a different project from others.”

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