Banca CRS has marked a historic moment in the history of Italian banks, becoming the first to provide its employees and customers with not one, but two innovative services made possible thanks to Smart Lockers, special intelligent cabinets strategically placed at the ATM counters, and easily accessible to the public.

In total, the branches involved in the offer to employees and the public of these innovations by Banca CRS are currently 4:

  • The central office in Savigliano (Cuneo)
  • The branch in Racconigi (Cuneo)
  • The branch in Santena (Turin)
  • The branch in Bra (Cuneo)

The first of the two services, JoinFruit Fresh, offers customers and employees the possibility to purchase and collect in the Smart Locker located at the branches of Savigliano, Santena, and Racconigi a selection of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, produced with respect for the environment by the Joinfruit OP Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organization, located in the Cuneo area.

Moreover, the people for whom the service is intended can enjoy a selection of meat (Piedmontese Fassona) and traditional cured meats from La Granda, a leader in enhancing the Piedmontese Cattle Breed (Slow Food Presidium).

The second service, also aimed at customers and employees, is offered in collaboration with SendeeX, a company that, by using the WIB Smart Lockers, has created a network of neighborhood smart boxes in various Italian cities, aiming to transform the experience of local and e-commerce shopping.

The service, called SesamoBox, is currently available at the Bra and Savigliano branches.

Riccardo Masoero, Organization Area Manager of CRS Bank of Savigliano, stated: “At CRS Bank we have always believed in the potential of innovations that can improve the daily lives of our employees and customers: with the introduction of Smart Lockers we are not only demonstrating our attention to the emerging needs of our stakeholders, but we are also offering continually growing value.

Initiatives such as JoinFruit Fresh and SesamoBox transcend the traditional offerings of a bank: they highlight our determination to look beyond, to want to meet further needs beyond those that are traditionally within our purview.”

The adoption of these solutions by Banca CRS, based on WIB Smart Lockers, highlights the attention to employees and customers and the desire to offer increasing value, meeting further needs beyond the traditional scope with truly innovative proposals.