Data4 Group invests in corporate welfare for its staff and chooses OP Joinfruit Fresh service: fruits and vegetables sourced directly from the producer and delivered to employees through a refrigerated Smart Locker.

The installation was carried out in collaboration with our partner Ricoh at the Cornaredo (Milan) office of Data4 Group.

How does the service work?

Data4 Group employees can purchase fresh produce directly from the web app integrated with the Smart Locker system, selecting the desired delivery date.

The cost of delivery is covered by Joinfruit, which uses its own delivery drivers to make the deposit in the refrigerated cells.

On the day of pickup, the employee logs into his or her reserved area of the web app where codes will be available to use to make the grocery pickup.

At this point, he or she can use them to pick up the products ordered (by scanning the QR code at the integrated reader or by typing the alphanumeric code on the touchscreen) and that’s it!

In the Joinfruit Fresh web app, Data4 Group employees will find a selection of the best fruits and vegetables, always strictly in season, grown in the Cuneo area by Joinfruit with full respect for the environment, as well as a careful assortment of meat (Fassona Piemontese), traditionally cured meats and ready-to-eat gastronomy from La Granda Srl, a leader in the enhancement of the Piedmontese Cattle Breed (Slow Food Presidium).

The service was particularly appreciated by Data4 Group employees who were looking for a simple and versatile solution to buy quality fruits, vegetables, and meat in the most convenient way possible: without wasting time and in complete safety and sustainability!

The use of refrigerated Smart Lockers for click & collect is a winning corporate welfare formula on several fronts: on the one hand, employees are assured of the freshness and quality of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, and on the other hand, thanks to a truly short supply chain, a sustainable business channel is created for both buyers and producers.