Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for stations and airports

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for travelers:

  • more convenience in travel without the encumbrance of luggage
  • greater security by minimizing the risk of theft
  • possibility to make purchases at the airport and at the station without having to carry them around
  • freedom to enjoy the wait without worries
  • integration with notifications on the smartphone about useful information for the trip
  • possibility of even more convenient and innovative future developments

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for airport and station stores:

  • the airport or station and their stores go from being a stop on the way to a place of experiences
  • travelers are encouraged to shop because they no longer have to carry sometimes heavy shopping bags and do not have to fear theft
  • travelers have more free time because, thanks to notifications on their smartphones, they receive real-time information about their trip and they don’t feel the need to stay near billboards/screens for updates

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for airport and station operators:

  • the airport or station and their stores move from being a stop on the way to a place of experience
  • easy and intuitive solution that does not require the use of dedicated staff
  • possibility to offer various useful services to travellers thanks to integrations with locker applications
  • travelers have more free time because thanks to smartphone notifications they receive real-time information about their trip and they don’t feel the need to stay near boards/screens for updates

The needs and requirements of travelers are constantly evolving: those who move – especially if they do so frequently and spend a lot of time in stations and airports – expect to be able to take advantage of fast, convenient and safe services.

On the other hand, the most important and busy airports and stations are always looking for solutions that can make a difference in the experience of users: these places are no longer simple zones of obligatory passage but real destinations often able to satisfy the most varied needs of travelers.

For this reason, Smart Lockers at airports or stations are fundamental for several reasons, such as the convenience and safety of those who travel on the one hand, and the advantages for facilities on the other.

It has happened to all of us to travel and have to wait for a means of transport: to pass the time we try to distract ourselves between stores and restaurants, but taking our luggage with us can be really uncomfortable, turning a pleasant moment into an annoying problem (the situation gets worse if we make purchases in the stores in the airport or in the station and then we have to transport those too).

Even if we are careful, carrying a bag, luggage or backpack in a crowded station exposes us to a greater risk of theft and pickpocketing, which – if in some cases represent the loss of a few tens of euros – in others are lost more significant sums of money, important documents or objects with a high sentimental value.

In these situations, using a Smart Locker to store your backpack, bag, luggage or purchases made on site provides a more relaxed experience as we don’t have to worry about looking after our personal belongings and we can move around more easily.

From the point of view of an airport or station manager, the use of Smart Lockers is an easy-to-use self-service solution that does not require the presence of dedicated staff.

Often, then, those who are in the airport or in the station prefer not to make purchases in the stores on site precisely because they do not then have to transport them together with their luggage, with all the difficulties of the case: being able to store goods in Smart Lockers encourages purchases by travelers who no longer have to worry about the excessive weight of any shopping bags to be transported.

We would also like to remind you that users can comfortably interface with the Smart Locker through their smartphones, by downloading the dedicated applications: in this way the management of the locker is even easier, intuitive and personalized.

This interface also allows the integration of further services of great utility for travelers: the same Smart Locker app can – for example – send notifications directly to the smartphone to provide travelers with important information on the status of their flight, train or bus (possible delays, gate or platform number, etc.).

The possibilities, however, are much more numerous and convenient: through special applications, for example, it may be possible to buy one or more products while we are traveling and then pick them up on our return once we arrive at the airport.

Or, if our plane or train arrives in the evening – and we know in advance that we won’t have time to go to the supermarket and that the fridge at home is empty – we can order a takeaway dinner and pick it up from the Smart Food Locker when we arrive at the airport; or, in the case of refrigerated Smart Lockers, it is also possible to have the groceries previously ordered online delivered, without the risk of fresh food spoiling.

These are just some of the possibilities offered by the use of Smart Lockers in airports and stations, solutions that lend themselves to increasingly complex and innovative uses.

Discover the installation of WIB Smart Lockers in the VIP Piemonte lounge at Turin airport.


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