Airports are transforming from places of transit into real destinations, able to offer increasingly varied and pleasant experiences.

The quality of the stay of travellers is now the focus of attention of airport operators, who are now more committed than ever to rethinking existing services and introducing new ones.

At Turin airport, too, the aim was to make waiting for a flight more pleasant by introducing a Smart Locker WIB in the VIP roomPiemonte lounge – which is perfectly integrated with the airport information system and the application intended for guests.

Travellers have the possibility to leave their hand luggage (typically a trolley) safe in the Smart Locker 24 hours a day, move freely around the airport and receive a push notification – or alternatively an SMS – on their smartphone with information about their flight even before it is displayed on the airport monitors.

This hospitality solution, which has been in operation for several months now, has already been chosen by thousands of travellers who have appreciated its many advantages:

  • the possibility to experience the airport without the weight of luggage
  • not having to worry about keeping your luggage under control during every journey
  • being promptly notified of the status of your flight

The solution implemented by WIB together with Torino Airport has also been particularly appreciated by the retailers and caterers present at the airport: more serene travellers, free from cumbersome luggage, can enjoy the experience offered with greater pleasure and fewer distractions, to the benefit of all.

The success of the collaboration has led to the introduction of two additional Smart Lockers available to arriving travelers, to offer a “click & collect” experience: products or groceries purchased online or reserved in stores can be conveniently picked up upon arrival at the airport in the special Smart Lockers, simply by entering a code or approaching your smartphone.

Salvatore Landolina

We appreciated the ability with which WIB was able to customize its proposal for our needs, integrating it with our information systems,” said Salvatore Landolina, CFO and Director Digital&Innovation of Torino Airport.

We are very satisfied with the response of our commercial partners present at the airport: we are always looking for new solutions to improve the passenger experience and this proposal allowed us to quickly offer a useful and appreciated innovation.

The services that can be provided and the possible integrations with the Smart Locker WIB are constantly evolving: improving the quality of the experience of visiting places typically in transit such as airports, ports and stations is a use that has already demonstrated its value in the field and that, over time, we are working to make accessible to more and more travelers.