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Luggage Storage

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for luggage storage:

Luggage is often an inconvenience: heavy and bulky, it is particularly inconvenient when it has to be transported over long distances or when there is nowhere to store it.

This happens, for example, at airports and stations when there is still time before boarding and we want to pass the time by going shopping; but it can also happen on vacation, when our hotel room is not yet ready or when we have to leave it several hours before the flight and the hotel does not have a luggage storage service.

Carrying suitcases around the city or the station is not only uncomfortable, but also risky: in crowded places the probability of small thefts or loss of personal belongings increases.

The presence of Smart Lockers in train or bus stations, airports and tourist facilities therefore offers the possibility of storing luggage in a completely secure manner for later retrieval, without it being in the way in the hours leading up to the trip.

These solutions are also suitable for shopping malls, outlets and museums.

The safekeeping of personal belongings is completely secure because the Smart Locker bays are unlocked only by using your smartphone, fingerprint or a special bracelet: so there is no need for keys or magnetic cards that could be stolen or lost.


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