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Food Lockers for company canteens & smart canteens

Advantages of the WIB Refrigerated Smart Food Locker for company canteen services:

  • no queues or gatherings to collect the meal
  • flexibility in the time of the lunch break
  • do not require dedicated staff
  • possibility to store at the right temperature any leftovers to take home to avoid food waste

The crisis of the COVID-19 has accelerated a series of changes that have had great repercussions on the way work is lived in the company, not only because of the need (or possibility) to work remotely, but also because of the different use of spaces in the company such as – for example – the canteen.

Increasingly, the “office canteen” is becoming the “smart canteen”: sometimes the space dedicated to the company canteen is then reorganized to become a place to work (and to reduce the number of people in the offices), other times the canteen is replaced or improved by refrigerated Smart Food Lockers.

We are talking, in fact, about canteen 4.0. where the employees of a company can book their meal via app for the next day (or for the day in which they will be present in the company), collect it from the Smart Food Locker and heat it up to then consume it at the time and place that is most congenial to them, with a view to maximum safety and flexibility.

The refrigerated Smart Food Locker, in fact, keeps food at the right temperature until it is consumed, and also makes it possible to store any leftovers to take home in such a way as to combat the waste of food that could be consumed later.

In addition to business, they can be used in different contexts:

The experience gained in the field of refrigerated Smart Food Locker allows WIB to be an ideal supplier for office canteen solutions for companies and not only; among the realities that have already chosen us, there is also Sodexo that has successfully introduced in its Italian headquarters the refrigerated WIB Smart Locker for the Lunch Box project.


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