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Smart Lockers for hotels

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for guests:

Advantages of the WIB Smart Locker for hotels:

  • offer guests a much appreciated and fully automated service
  • no dedicated staff required
  • no large space required for installation
  • offer guests a parcel locker service (temporary post box)

One of the concerns travelers have when arriving or leaving a hotel is what to do with their luggage: what happens if we arrive before the room is ready? Or what happens if we have to check out in the morning but our plane or train leaves several hours later?

Some hotels have a secure luggage storage service but many others either don’t have it or allow guests to leave their belongings in a room within the hotel without having to deal with any lost, misplaced or damaged items.

The use of Smart Lockers allows hotel guests to store their luggage and personal effects safely even when the room is not (or no longer) available: in this way there is no need to wait at the hotel for the room to be ready, nor to go to the station several hours before the trip because you do not have where to leave your luggage.

For hotels, the use of Smart Lockers can be particularly useful to provide guests with a parcel locker service through which customers can receive and send parcels: in this way, users are offered a post office box where they can conveniently receive their correspondence even when they are away from home (they can therefore have items sent to them that they will need as soon as they arrive at the hotel).

The use of Smart Lockers allows hotels to offer a very useful service to guests without the need to employ dedicated staff.


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