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Parcel Lockers

Advantages of WIB Parcel Lockers:

  • receive deliveries in a different place from home
  • possibility to pick up the parcel even several days later
  • security of the goods stored in the Smart Locke
  • no need to be physically present for the delivery
  • possibility to receive packages without communicating the home address

The Parcel Locker is a mailbox inserted inside a Smart Locker: it can therefore be used to receive correspondence at an address different from your home address.

The convenience of Parcel Lockers in Smart Lockers is that – since it is an automated service – it is always available, both day and night – and there is no need to be physically present to receive delivery (mainly of parcels).

Once the goods have been placed in our bay, you can be notified via a notification on your smartphone or an email alert; typically, you then have a set number of days to be able to come by and pick up the package.

There is no danger that our bay is opened by others because to unlock it is necessary to use the smartphone and access the dedicated application through personal credentials; or the Smart Locker can also be opened using fingerprints or a special bracelet that unlocks only that particular bay.

What are the contexts in which the use of Parcel Lockers is particularly useful and appreciated?

A Parcel Locker can also be useful for corporate welfare or privacy issues; if we need to receive packages and goods but don’t want to give our private address, using these lockers we can have deliveries made without releasing our sensitive data.


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