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Smart Lockers for condos

In the era of digitization and innovation in the real estate industry, also known as proptech, WIB’s Smart Lockers are an advanced and practical solution as they make it possible to:

The main ecommerce and couriers give us the possibility to leave the address of a neighbor in case the recipient of the package is not at home at the time of delivery.

This option is certainly convenient but not always possible for several reasons:

  • lack of trust
  • we are not familiar with anyone to ask this favor
  • we buy online frequently and don’t want to cause too much trouble
  • also our neighbors are often away from home

The alternative might be to have the package shipped to the company where you work or another family member’s home, but even these options, despite the advancement of proptech solutions, are not always feasible and/or convenient.

Smart Lockers, in the landscape of proptech solutions, emerge as indispensable tools in apartment buildings, so that residents can pick up what they have ordered when they get home from work, vacation, an errand, etc., without being physically present at the time of delivery.

It’s a useful solution also to get the groceries bought online: in the case of refrigerated cabinets, in fact, the quality of fresh products remains unchanged and we can pick up the groceries comfortably – and without hurry – when we get back home.

To know when a package has been deposited in the Smart Locker, a notification is sent to the smartphone: in this way only the person concerned will know that something has been placed in its bay (the compartment of the locker).

Learn more with us about how Smart Lockers fit into the growing world of proptech, revolutionizing parcel management in apartment buildings. Read our in-depth look at Smart Lockers within apartment buildings.


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