The most avant-garde companies are often also those most attentive to corporate welfare, capable of grasping the novelties of the market that allow improving the quality of the work experience of employees and collaborators.

CIRFOOD, – an Italian cooperative company leader in collective and commercial catering and welfare services – confirms this combination by choosing to add to the experience of the lunch break of its customer IRA (an important manufacturer of aesthetic fillers and cosmetic finished products in Brianza) a resource that can make this moment even more enjoyable and flexible: a refrigerated WIB smart locker.

This solution is adopted by CIRFOOD in the context of its QUBì service, “the lunch break that finds space in your space“, a kitchenless catering format that makes lunchtime simple and flexible, allowing companies that do not have an in-house kitchen to offer their employees balanced and tasty dishes, at any time of the day, thanks to the combination of different service elements and the use of technologies such as App and Lockers.

In collaboration with our partner Ricoh, therefore, we installed at IRA headquarters an 18-cell Food Locker to which, at the request of the customer, an additional 21-cell module was added.

The refrigerated Smart Locker is used to store and distribute the meals: through the QUBì application for smartphones and tablets, employees can independently book the lunch they wish to receive by choosing from the alternatives offered.

The selected menu is then prepared in such a way as to be delivered safely and hygienically and is then placed inside the refrigerated Smart Locker, which maintains its temperature until the moment of collection.

When the lunch is delivered, the employee who requested it receives a notification on his smartphone: in this way he knows that his order is ready to be picked up quickly and easily, by scanning the QR code he received when booking the menu with the reader on the Smart Locker.

This Food Locker has been operational since early April 2021, and in its first weeks of operation, it has already been used hundreds of times by employees and associates to receive their lunch reservations via QUBì’s mobile app, a number that hints at how this innovation has been particularly popular.

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