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Click & Collect

In the era of e-commerce, retail is forced to evolve to remain competitive and retain its place in the market.

For this reason there are more and more physical stores that, in addition to home delivery, give customers the opportunity to buy online and then deliver the goods at a pick-up point; this practice is known as Click & Collect.

The point of withdrawal can be external to the store, in the immediate vicinity or even far from the same (a warehouse, a post office, etc..) but also inside the store itself: in this case we speak of BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store), a “subset” of Click & Collect.

Traditional in-store BOPIS is certainly convenient but it also brings with it some disadvantages for the user:

  • you can only pick up your order during store opening hours (we may find the store already closed when we leave work, for example
  • it is necessary to queue up at the cashier or at the counter to wait for one’s turn and have the goods delivered.

This process can be greatly improved by using WIB Smart Lockers for Click & Collect!

WIB Smart Lockers can be installed both inside and outside the store: when the order is ready to be collected, the customer receives a notification on his smartphone and, through a QR code, can open his compartment in total autonomy and safety.

WIB Smart Lockers can also have refrigerated compartments: in this way they are also compatible with supermarkets and restaurants that want to offer the possibility for customers to pick up their groceries or lunch after having purchased it online!

What are the benefits of WIB Smart Lockers in the store?

  • no queues
  • no need for dedicated staff to deliver orders
  • the service is much faster
  • by entering the store to pick up the order and seeing the goods on display, the customer is more inclined to make further purchases

What are the advantages of WIB Smart Lockers outside the store?

  • possibility of collecting goods at any time, every day, even when the store is closed
  • resist weather, cold and heat without problems
  • no queues
  • there is no need for dedicated staff to deliver the orders
  • the service is much faster

Why are WIB Smart Lockers ideal for BOPIS and Click & Collect?

  • can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • robust and modular
  • easily integrated with IT systems
  • very secure
  • can be remotely monitored every day at any time
  • easy to use and program
  • served by a widespread and efficient service network


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