Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for supermarkets

Benefits of Smart Locker WIB Machines for customers:

  • possibility to pick up their shopping at any time of the day
  • no queues at the checkout
  • groceries are always fresh even after several hours

Advantages of Smart Locker WIB Machines for supermarkets:

  • greater number of customers attracted by the convenience of the service
  • installation requires little space
  • no need to employ dedicated personnel

Before, supermarkets were places where you went to do your shopping at the moment and bring it home when you were done; now, thanks to technological advances, major supermarkets offer additional services that make life much easier for all those who have little time to do their shopping.

For example, there is the possibility of having your shopping delivered to your home (for an extra charge) or of shopping online and picking it up from the supermarket at a pre-established time; thanks to the Smart Food Locker, however, we can also choose the Click & Collect option and pick up the shopping previously stored in the cupboard.

Thanks to the refrigerated Smart Locker the groceries can remain in the locker bay for several hours: in this way we can pick them up when we are more comfortable (through a notification on the smartphone we are warned that the goods have been placed in the locker) avoiding the queues at the checkout.

The possibility that our bay is opened by someone else who could steal our shopping is not possible because the bay of the Smart Locker is opened only through your smartphone, with fingerprints or with a special bracelet.

For supermarkets, Smart Lockers are a particularly convenient solution because they are fully automated and, therefore, no person needs to be present to manage the shopping pickups: customers can do everything in complete autonomy.

Check out the WIB Machines Smart Locker that we designed and installed for Coop.


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