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WIB is an IoT solutions provider, pioneering smart, web-based retail automation globally.

WIB brings patented, next generation cloud-based pick up, drop off and sales solutions to a vast range of retail industry segments. Leveraging unconventional thinking and well diversified know-how, WIB provides fully tailored hardware and software solutions at the forefront of technology. Our multi-patented retail solutions seamlessly integrate automated retail / distribution; e-commerce & mobile commerce and digital marketing & analytics.


At WIB, we are driven by the mission to merge online and physical sales globally, bringing the personalized marketing strategies of the internet into the real world. As consumer expectations are constantly increasing, WIB is committed to providing exciting, interactive and completely personalized shopping experiences by communicating with the consumer through various integrated channels. As we are able to gather and analyse vital sets of data in real time, we enable our clients to personalize said interactions for individuals or groups in order to maximize results.

The digital and physical worlds are starting to come together more seamlessly – it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s coming

Mark Parker, CEO Nike


Alfonso Correale


Alfonso embraced the WIB mission after having climbed the ladder and taken on frequently more prominent roles in a European business development and sales network organization of an important multinational telecommunications company. He is fully dedicated to the development of our company which offers innovative sales and logistics solutions to the market.

Thanks to his managerial experience, excellent networking skills and ability to forge partnership agreements, he is a focal point in the company - from sales to production – that continues to push the bar ever higher.
Empathetic and optimistic by nature, when Alfonso is not committed to changing the world with smart lockers and vending machines, he loves playing sports and spending time with his daughter.

His first language is Italian, but he also speaks fluent English and German.

Elena Federici

Sales & Marketing Manager

Elena's multicultural background helps her in her daily commitment to promote WIB solutions and to assist potential customers in designing and planning systems and solutions, working together with them at every step of the progress.

Both her technical and managerial skills give her the chance to use her strong work ethic and creativity to develop high-potential projects side-by-side with customers. This enables her to meet the objectives in the best way possible.

One of Elena's greatest skills is her ability to make even the most complex and difficult of topics pleasant and understandable. Add to that her great organizational spirit and she is unbeatable when it comes to teamwork, both inside and out of the company.

When she takes time off from her role as Sales & Marketing Manager she loves to travel and discover the world, putting her excellent English and French to the test and trying to learn as much as possible about every culture she comes into contact with.

One of her goals for the near future is to earn a black belt in karate!

Claudio De Girolamo

Chief Operating Officer

After extensive experience working for major multinationals, Claudio chose to use his skills
at WIB to manage the processes that occur after the signing of a contract.
He is responsible for orchestrating the implementation and delivery of products and services
in order to achieve the possible results. Just like all of us at WIB, Claudio is completely
convinced that service excellence and customer satisfaction are essential marketing tools.
His passion for cycling allows him to cover miles and miles through patience and
determination, and he uses this same tenacity to reach and exceed the goals set together
with suppliers and partners.

Claudio loves to speak Italian (his native language), but also enjoys speaking English, which
he has been fluent in since he was a child.


Since the very beginning WIB has been recognized as a disruptive innovator and is proud to have won various startup and sector awards throughout the past years.

Smart & Start

Intelligent Vending Competition

Unicredit Start Lab

Global Business Exchange


At WIB we understand that bringing innovative, exciting and interactive shopping experiences is crucial to our clients’ success. Leveraging precious market feedback in combination with the know-how of our software and hardware engineers, our R&D department strives to keep us at the forefront of IoT retail technology. Our in depth research on consumer habits and expectations, enables us to create visionary concepts that anticipate market needs.


In order to guarantee quality, safety, and consistency at the highest level, our solutions have been (or are in the process of being) CE-marked.

WIB holds the ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security management. In this page you can view the certificate and learn more about the importance of this international standard for the security of our customers.


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