To start the new year in the best way we gave ourselves a special gift: thanks to Treedom, in the last days of 2021 and with the aim of starting the new year in the best way, we planted 15 trees in Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania to support farmers of 3 rural communities.

3 different places, like our offices in Milan, Ivrea and Palermo; we like to think, in fact, that the story of these trees can be like that of WIB: a lush forest that comes from a small seed.

Treedom is an Italian reality that allows anyone to plant trees in different countries around the world providing those who buy also an image of the trees planted together with their GPS coordinates to stay updated on their growth, offering an initiative of great value for the environment and rural communities in which we wanted to take part.

Trees planted through Treedom are managed by farmers who will take care of them and whose fruits will be for them a food resource and a support to their income.

With this gesture we also had the opportunity to make our contribution to the preservation of the planet: the trees we planted will absorb from the atmosphere an amount of carbon dioxide that would be enough to fill 13,308 basketballs, thus protecting the soil and biodiversity.

To date, thanks to Treedom, about 2.5 million trees have been planted and have helped to absorb more than 683 million kg of carbon dioxide: we could not be more proud to have contributed to this change!