Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for sports centers, swimming pools and gyms

Benefits of WIB Sport Lockers for customers:

  • safe storage of personal belongings
  • ability to open the smart locker with a fingerprint

Advantages of the WIB Sport Lockers for sports centers:

  • increased security
  • increased number of customers attracted by the service
  • no need to employ dedicated staff

When you do sports you need to be comfortable and have your hands free, yet in the gym it is easy to see people with smartphones in the equipment room or even in the pool for fear of leaving them in the locker; or, there are those who are forced to train holding in their hands (or hanging around their neck) the key or card needed to open the locker.

With the Sport Locker access to your bay can also be through fingerprint or with the use of a special bracelet: in this way we are free not to bring anything in the equipment room or in the pool and train comfortably and without worries.

It may happen, then, that before going to the gym we stop to do some errands, perhaps even at the supermarket: in the case of refrigerated lockers we can also buy fresh products that we can safely store in the Smart Food Locker for the duration of the workout.


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