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Industrial laundries, laundromats, and dry cleaners

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for customers of industrial laundries, laundromats, and dry cleaners:

  • safely store personal belongings while waiting in laundromats, or store laundry to be washed at a later time
  • deliver/pick up laundry even before the dry cleaner opens and after it closes
  • in the case of arrangements with couriers/neighborhood stores, the ability to pick up their orders at the most convenient time due to the extended opening hours typical of laundromats
  • pickup and delivery of orders to end customers for laundromats

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for industrial laundries, laundromats, and dry cleaners:

  • offer customers a highly valued, fully automated service
  • no need for dedicated staff
  • no need for a large space for the installation

There are different types of laundries, and each has characteristics that differentiate it from the others:

  • industrial laundries are companies that offer sanitation and cleaning services to other entities or companies that need external support
  • laundromats (also called self-service laundries or coin-operated laundries) are facilities where clothes are washed and/or dried independently, without the help of staff
  • dry cleaners are laundries where trained staff wash clothes or other textiles in the most appropriate manner as appropriate, sometimes using dry cleaning (an organic solvent is used instead of water)

Industrial laundries

The use of Smart Locker within industrial laundries manages to speed up all order delivery and pickup operations, which is particularly important in the case of realities that handle dozens of different customers every day, from hotels to hospitals, from restaurants to canteens, etc.

Moreover, having a Smart Locker for an industrial laundry also means having the possibility to activate a series of additional services that do not require dedicated staff, such as booking and rental of kits (for canteens, hotels, hospitals, etc.).


Increasingly, laundromats are being equipped with a whole range of ancillary services (food and beverage dispensers, detergent or cleaning product dispensers, bill changers, free Wifi, etc.) capable of greatly enhancing the overall experience of people visiting the laundromat.

Laundromats are ideal spaces to house a Smart Locker inside them that allows people to safely store personal belongings while waiting for a wash or dry (often people who use laundromats do not stay on-site and wait, but take advantage of the waiting time to run errands or even go home).

In some cases, it is possible to bring in the laundry to wash and store it inside the Smart Locker and then return at a later time (perhaps when leaving work) and then proceed with the washing.

Finally, in the case of arrangements with couriers or local retailers, people can opt to receive at the Smart Locker inside the self-service laundry their orders (online and otherwise).

Laundromats, in fact, usually stay open from early in the morning to late in the evening: thus, those who need to use the Locker can do so at the most convenient time, even before or after the typical closing time of most common businesses.

The presence of the Smart Locker can also attract potential new customers: people who come to the location to pick up their order from the locker and who, after seeing the laundry and the services it offers, decide to give it a try.

WIB Smart Lockers do not need a large space to be installed, so they can be housed in most laundromats without any problem.

Dry cleaners

A Smart Locker can be especially useful when we want to drop off the garment we want to wash but are unable to get to the dry cleaner during opening hours.

A Smart Locker located outside the facility allows people to drop off or pick up their laundry even outside of the dry cleaner’s opening hours; if placed inside, however, the locker allows for agile management of people flows, without waiting or queuing at the checkout.


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