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Sport Lockers

Advantages of the WIB Smart Lockers as a Sport Lockers:

  • increased security when storing personal items during training
  • do not require cards or padlocks and keys to be closed/opened
  • in case of emergency the cells can be opened via the administration dashboard
  • allow additional services such as reservations and pickup/delivery of equipment

Sports centers (gyms, swimming pools, etc.) are environments where the use of lockers has always been necessary to store change and keep personal items safe for the duration of the sporting activity.

With Sport Lockers – Smart Lockers designed for the needs of athletes – the benefits are even greater.

These smart lockers do not need locks or cards to be opened as the compartments lock and unlock via smartphone or via an NFC-enabled wristband, and we can therefore do without locks and keys.

This avoids the unpleasant situations that occur with traditional lockers when, in case you forget the key inside the compartment or you lose it, you need to resort to the use of pliers to break the lock: in emergency situations you can in fact easily unlock the compartment of the Sport Locker from the administration dashboard without invasive intervention.

In addition, it is possible to equip the inside of the Sport Locker cells with electrical outlets to recharge any electronic device while we work out: smartphone, tablet, laptop, electronic book, smartwatch, etc.

In fact, the Smart Lockers make possible a whole series of additional services such as laundry service (which allows you to leave the clothes to be washed in the locker to find them clean at the next visit), or – when necessary (for example, in the case of competitions, competitions and events) – to make the participants find the necessary material directly in the Smart Locker, thus avoiding queues and loss of time for the collection of everything needed in the pre-competition period.


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