Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Pharma Lockers for Pharmacies & Parapharmacies

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers as Pharma Lockers:

  • higher sales thanks to the possibility to sell even when the pharmacy/parapharmacy is closed
  • time saving because the purchase of some products is made through the Locker without customers having to contact the staff
  • new customers attracted by the possibility of being able to pick up products outside the opening hours of the structure
  • the use of dedicated staff is not necessary
  • minimum space required for installation

More and more stores and facilities are deciding to equip themselves with a Smart Locker to offer their customers an even more convenient and efficient service.

Among these, there are also pharmacies and parapharmacies that, especially during the pandemic, had to face several logistical challenges such as being able to manage a greater influx of customers with the need to limit the entry of people inside the structure, conditions that often led to long waits to buy what was needed.

For this reason, many pharmacies and parapharmacies have installed a Pharma Locker (a Smart Locker designed specifically for the needs of pharmacies) outside the facility so that customers could reserve products online and pick them up at the locker at any time of the day, every day, thus avoiding crowds and long waits.

This solution has been so appreciated that, even when the health emergency is back under control, pharmacies and parapharmacies have continued to install Pharma Lockers: customers are increasingly interested in the possibility to buy online and pick up the pharmacy’s products in days and hours compatible with their family and work commitments.

Pharma Lockers can also be installed in small spaces, both inside and outside the pharmacy in order to guarantee an accessible service all day, every day.

Moreover, thanks to the WIB Hybrid System, they can be combined with a Smart Store (smart vending machine) that shares with the Locker both the app for users and the administration dashboard. In addition, it is possible to control the vending machine from the touchscreen of the Pharma Locker.

For the sale of products that require the presentation of a document such as a health card or electronic identity card, a special reader can be integrated.


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