Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Daily Locker (Employee Locker)

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers as employee lockers:

  • maximum security for the protection of personal property
  • online booking of the locker
  • autonomous locker management without queues and waits

The world of work is changing at a dizzying pace: the pandemic has simply accelerated a whole series of trends that were already taking hold as a result of digitalization and the increasing focus on the needs and well-being of employees.

To stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide modern, flexible, and secure work environments, companies must adapt to these new demands by implementing innovative solutions, such as Smart Lockers for Daily Locker use.

These lockers allow employees to have a personal space in which to store personal items (wallet, jacket, mug, scooter helmet, car keys, gym bag to go to after the office, etc.) that they do not strictly need during the working day.

WIB Smart Lockers installed at Maire Tecnimont’s Milan headquarters for use as a Daily Locker

To use the compartments, you can reserve one by accessing the locker through your smartphone or by using the touch screen located on the locker.

The opening is done through a QR code or the company badge, thus avoiding the use of keys or other tools that could be lost or that could be used by other people to access the compartment.

They can be installed even in small spaces and their management is completely automatic, therefore they do not require dedicated staff: employees interface with the locker autonomously, without being forced to queue, wait or contact.

These Smart Lockers, moreover, can be customized in order to be even more useful for employees – for example, there is the possibility to equip the cells with electrical sockets to be able to charge the devices stored inside the cell (smartphone, laptop, ebook, power bank…) – and for companies, choosing the finishes that best suit the decor and style of the company.

Administrators have at their disposal a control console that allows at any time to verify the use that is made of the Smart Locker, to intervene promptly in case of requests for unlocking and – in general – to ensure a quality experience to users.


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