Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Asset Management

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for Asset Management:

  • security of company assets
  • tracking of locker usage
  • do not require dedicated staff as in the case of traditional repositories
    integration with corporate systems

Asset Management means the management of a company’s resources: it can refer to financial resources (investments and savings) but also to material resources such as electronic devices (computers, phones, printers, projectors, etc.) owned by the company itself.

As far as material resources are concerned, it is important to be able to store them in a place that is safe but also accessible to those in charge: through Smart Lockers it is not only possible to store company material safely but also to keep under control who accesses the bay in which it is stored.

These smart lockers allow you to monitor the tracking related to the use of one or more bays: in this way you can keep track of who opened the locker and when they opened it.

This allows for greater security, which is crucial when dealing with business materials that a large number of employees have access to.

Thanks to the user-friendly API, in fact, it is possible to easily integrate the Smart Lockers for Asset Management within the processes and information systems of each individual company, also activating notifications of different kinds (email alerts, push notifications or other).

Another advantage of Smart Lockers is that it is not necessary to employ dedicated staff to manage them – as is the case with traditional storage or concierge services – since the lockers are fully automated.


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