Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers


Our smart lockers can be used for a variety of purposes.

Asset Management

Managing company assets using smart lockers can significantly facilitate numerous activities in the company: let's find out which ones through this in-depth look at the topic.

Click & Collect

In the age of e-commerce, retail is forced to evolve to stay competitive and retain its place in the marketplace - so why are WIB Smart Lockers ideal for BOPIS and Click & Collect? We explain it here.

Daily Locker / Employee Locker

To stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide modern, flexible and secure work environments, companies must adapt to these new demands by implementing innovative solutions, such as Smart Lockers for Daily Locker use.

Food Locker for company canteens & smart canteens

The crisis of the COVID-19 has accelerated a series of changes that have had great repercussions on the way of living the work in the company also for the different use of the spaces present in the company as - for example - the canteen.

Luggage Storage

How can smart lockers change the experience of visiting places like stations and airports, but also hotels and other contexts? Let's find out in this in-depth look at luggage storage.

Parcel Lockers

The use of smart lockers as parcel lockers is one of the most popular: what are the advantages of this use? Let's discover them in this in-depth study!

Sport Lockers

Sport Lockers are Smart Lockers designed for the needs of athletes and allow sports centers to offer a range of additional services to their users.


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