Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers


Those who choose WIB solutions know they can rely on an integrated hardware and software platform that’s secure and reliable. It can easily be adapted to any specific context, thanks to 5 unique advantages:

1. In-house development of the entire platform, for which WIB holds 100% of rights and know-how.
2. Availability of advanced APIs that allow interfacing with systems and applications of all kinds.
3. Availability of numerous solutions and integrations already developed for various areas of application.
4. An in-house development team capable of efficiently addressing even the most complex needs.
5. Collaboration with a network of selected partners with high expertise in specific areas.

From firmware to software installed on Smart Lockers and Smart Stores, from the cloud platform to integrations with third-party software, the entire system is designed to ensure the best user experience for various use cases, from the end-user to administrators.

Smart Local & Smart Cloud: the best of both worlds

WIB’s Smart Lockers and Smart Stores are designed to function optimally when connected to the cloud (through a dedicated subnet or independent 4G or 5G access points).

Still, they can operate without a connection, possessing onboard firmware and software that ensures most functionalities even when a remote system connection is impossible.


Smart Dashboard: everything under control

Administrators and managers have a software interface that allows everything to be constantly monitored, allowing for quick interventions when needed, such as unlocking access for a user who forgot their company badge. This interface can be comfortably accessed online with any browser, letting operators use it from any device, including mobile. Managers can also access an advanced reporting system, offering both at-a-glance insights and detailed specific situation views.


User Experience: from badges to apps

The WIB system can interact with people in numerous ways, both wireless and wired. Through NFC chips integrated into smartphones, company badges, and common electronic keys (like YUBI Key and many others), interaction can occur just by approaching devices, or by using integrated barcode/QR code readers. In some use cases, the integrated touchscreen is more practical, and feedback can be provided not only on-screen or within apps and web interfaces but also through an integrated printer. WIB software ensures smooth functioning in all use cases, paying particular attention to accessibility, convenience, and quality of user experience.


Alerts & notifications: the right information when needed

The WIB system integrates alerts and notifications for each step of the processes associated with its devices for both managers and users. Integrating with email and SMS platforms allows communication with users through these channels. For those who prefer smartphone notifications, easy-to-implement integrations are available. Ensuring a high-quality user experience is made easy with the resources and support from WIB specialists, who have developed many proven experiences.


Integration with third parties: API, Partners, and more

The ability to integrate the WIB system with third-party experiences multiplies its value. Thanks to the APIs and the support team, WIB systems can be integrated into more complex realities, greatly improving user experience. A smart locker that becomes instantly accessible to a new company employee as soon as the company badge is activated? Easy! Many potential developments are already available, thanks to the commitment of a select list of partners with whom WIB has prepared optimized experiences in numerous areas, from access control to company canteens. The experience gained by the development team in third-party integration translates into an optimized process, minimizing necessary resources and significantly reducing time-to-market, a crucial aspect in many use cases.


Security & updates: reliability over time

The utmost attention to the WIB system’s security is expressed both in the design and development of its components and through post-control actions using actual penetration tests. This ensures the requirements demanded by particularly demanding customers in critical sectors are met.


Privacy by default & design: GDPR and beyond

Integrating WIB systems into business processes is facilitated by the attention paid to privacy during system design and development, making legal requirement certification a streamlined process. When integrating with third-party systems, WIB specialists support proper development in this area as well.

A policy of constant updates and direct dialogue with partners ensures the WIB system and its devices operate securely over time.


Certified Security: the ISO 27001 certification

Ensuring the utmost security of information has become an urgent necessity for all companies, which are required to have an ISMS, or an Information Security Management System. To certify the effective implementation of an ISMS, the reference standard is the ISO 27001 certification, which helps to identify, manage, and reduce a range of risks in this area. As of June 29, 2023, WIB has obtained the ISO 27001 certification through the certifying body DNV.



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