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What is a Smart Locker?

Smart Lockers are automated lockers that make it possible to receive and deliver objects, meals and documents easily and immediately, in total security and autonomy: they are a corporate welfare resource and a work tool that helps to better manage numerous processes, reducing costs and improving service quality.

Gli WIB Smart Lockers can be used in a wide range of contexts and situations, offering numerous advantages to users:

  • orders and parcels can be received even while away from home or in the office
  • service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • autonomous use without the need for dedicated personnel
  • maximum security in the opening of compartments and monitoring of use
  • installation both indoors and outdoors
  • small space/ required
  • possibility to keep the temperature of groceries and food under control (refrigerated lockers)

Thanks to the dedicated software platform, easy integration with corporate applications and information systems and push notifications, WIB Smart Lockers user experience is ideal for both end users and administrators.

Smart Locker con Touch Screen integrato

Smart Lockers: what are they for?

Gli Smart Lockers can be used in more than one context and are the ideal solution for more than one need. We have listed the main uses so that you can learn more about them on the dedicated pages.

Smart Lockers: where are they used?

There are many places and contexts in which Smart Lockers can be useful: from hotels to companies, from gyms to airports. We have identified several of these spaces and contexts and have dedicated a specific section to each of them.

Smart Lockers: WIB’s solutions

With dozens of installations throughout Italy and beyond, WIB Smart Lockers are the ideal solution for every need.

Classic Smart Locker

Modular and customizable smart lockers that allow you to expand storage capacity by adding columns with compartments of different sizes.
Customized solutions can be configured according to customer needs and requirements, while the modular architecture allows capacity expansion.

Food & Grocery Lockers

Food Lockers are intelligent refrigerated cabinets whose cells can reach temperatures ranging from 2°C to 8°C (35.6°F to 46.4° F).
Grocery Lockers can be kept at temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F) guaranteeing the cold chain.

Smart Hybrid System

An all-in-one solution in which the Smart Locker and Smart Vending Machine share both the user application and the administration panel for an easy and intuitive user experience.

WIB Smart Locker features

Those who choose WIB solutions know they can count on an integrated, secure and reliable hardware and software platform that can be easily adapted to any specific context: from firmware to software, from cloud platform to integration with third-party software, the entire system is designed to ensure the best user experience in various use cases, from end-user to administrator.


  • 19" touchscreen
  • easy to load
  • modular structure
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • fully customizable
  • refrigeration option for handling fresh or frozen products
  • possibility of electrical and/or USB sockets inside the cells
  • vhigh quality vinyl coating
  • robust and durable materials


  • proprietary software
  • remote control
  • cloud platform
  • real-time data management
  • encryption protocols and secure connections>
  • PCI compliant payment devices
  • integration with any payment system
  • possibility of integrating electronic ID readers
  • ecommerce applications
  • Easily integrated third-party APIs

More information on the software page

The advantages of choosing WIB

Choosing WIB Smart Lockers means always having at your disposal exclusive advantages

  1. experience and know-how gained from dozens of successful installations
  2. Europe-wide operations for support and maintenance
  3. own development of the entire platform, for which WIB owns 100% of the rights and know-how
  4. availability of advanced APIs that allow interfacing with systems and applications of all types
  5. availability of numerous solutions and integrations already developed for the most diverse fields of application
  6. an in-house development team capable of responding effectively to even the most complex requirements
  7. collaboration with a network of selected partners who are highly competent in specific application areas

From the firmware to the software installed on board the Smart Locker WIB, from the cloud platform to the integration with third-party software, the entire system is designed to guarantee the best user experience in the various use cases, from the end user to the administrator.

Smart Locker WIB in Copernico (Milan)

Smart Locker WIB in Copernico (Milan)

Some of the companies that have chosen the WIB Smart Lockers

There are already dozens of installations of WIB Smart Lockers in Italy and abroad: discover the main ones on the page dedicated to customers, testimonials and partners.

Some testimonials

We have collected several testimonials from customers who have already chosen WIB Smart Lockers: read them all on the page dedicated to customers, testimonials and partners.

Maurizio Carvelli, Founder & CEO Camplus

Maurizio Carvelli

Camplus Founder and CEO

"Our Camplus accommodates mostly college students who live far from home and, therefore, need a secure and reliable way to receive correspondence, packages, online orders, etc.
Adopting WIB solutions for postal management - using them as Parcel Lockers - and thus optimizing the reception of parcels for students solved all the problems we were experiencing in terms of both reception and storage.
We've installed a WIB Smart Locker in every Camplus location in Italy and also in Spain, in Pamplona: these smart lockers have now become a necessary standard, much requested by our guests, allowing them to enjoy their stay at our Camplus to the fullest thanks to the security of secure and autonomous management of their online purchases and correspondence.
We've also been very comfortable with WIB's software platform, which is both comprehensive and practical for those administering the Smart Lockers and the students who use them every day."

Luca Pedaso, Head of Sales & Retention di Compass

Luca Pedaso

Head of Sales & Retention at Compass

"Innovation has become a crucial issue to ensure a high-level lunch break and in compliance with all the hygiene and health regulations imposed by the pandemic we are experiencing.
The WIB refrigerated locker allows our customers to conveniently order their meal via Compass’ Fresh & Natural mobile app (integrated with the WIB platform) and receive it in the refrigerated smart locker.
The WIB developers did a great job, fully satisfying our needs and customization requests."

Questions and Answers

Do you still have questions or doubts about WIB Smart Lockers? Find the answer in our FAQ section.

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Smart Locker WIB in Maire Tecnimont

Smart Locker WIB in Maire Tecnimont


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