Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for Pharmacies & Parapharmacies

Advantages of the WIB Pharma Lockers for customers:

  • possibility to pick up the ordered drugs even when the pharmacy/parapharmacy is closed
  • time saving by avoiding queues

Advantages of the WIB Pharma Lockers for pharmacies and parapharmacies:

  • more sales because the products can be sold even when the pharmacy / parapharmacy is closed
  • time saving because the purchase of some products takes place through the Locker without customers having to contact the staff
  • new customers attracted by the possibility of being able to pick up products outside the opening hours of the structure
  • the use of dedicated staff is not necessary
  • minimal space required for installation

Picking up medicine in a pharmacy / parapharmacy can be an action as necessary as it is difficult for some people, especially for those whose working hours overlap with those of the pharmacy, managing to get there only when it is already closed.

Or it happens to be able to go there only during the busiest hours: in these cases the risk of standing several minutes in line (maybe just to buy a pack of headache pills) is high.

In order to guarantee their customers a smoother and more pleasant experience, more and more pharmacies and parapharmacies are equipping themselves with Pharma Lockers, i.e. Smart Locker specifically designed for the needs of pharmacies.

Thanks to this solution, customers can reserve the products they need and pick them up at the time most convenient for them from the Smart Locker which – if installed outside the structure – allows safe pick-ups at any time of the day or night, from Monday to Sunday; they are also very useful for those who know they have little time to go to the pharmacy and want to make sure they avoid the queue.

Pharma Lockers are highly appreciated for their ease of use and convenience: it often happens that a person chooses to go to a specific pharmacy precisely because they have the possibility to conveniently pick up the products they need from the Smart Locker.

There is also the possibility for pharmacies to request our Hybrid System: next to the Pharma Locker, a Smart Store (a smart vending machine) is installed which shares with the Locker the application available to users and the administration dashboard. Moreover, it is possible to control the vending machine from the touchscreen of the Pharma Locker, in a perfectly integrated overall experience.

In this way, the pharmacy can place side by side to the Locker a real “portable store” with all the most common over-the-counter products (plasters, disinfectants, masks, tampons, detergents, baby products, etc.) that customers can buy even when the pharmacy is closed.

The person, with the utmost simplicity, can use the smartphone to complete the purchase (paying with multiple systems, from credit cards to Satispay) and get the desired product or products.

This solution allows the pharmacy or parapharmacy not to manage cash in any way in relation to the hybrid system with the consequent advantages: less maintenance (there is no cash that must be regularly withdrawn) and greater security (the absence of cash disincentives any malicious persons).

Thanks to the flexibility of the WIB software API, it is possible to integrate Pharma Locker with any management system or other software and to integrate health card and electronic identity card readers on the device, to allow the sale of products that require the presentation of these documents.


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