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Smart Lockers for libraries

Advantages of the smart locker WIB machines for visitors:

  • secure storage of backpacks, bags, suitcases, coats
  • no need for keys or receipts to retrieve personal belongings
  • no queue for collection once the visit is over
  • possibility to use the locker to collect books booked online   

Benefits of smart locker WIB machines for libraries:

  • increased security
  • increased visitor retention
  • collection of personal belongings discreetly and quietly without disturbing other users
  • no need for dedicated staff
  • no need for a large installation space
  • possibility to use the locker for borrowing books without creating a queue

There are different ways to experience the library: some people already know what book they want to borrow (and maybe even look it up in the online catalog to know exactly which shelf to go to once they arrive or book it for pickup when the service is available) and so their stay in the building is minimal, other people (for example, college students) spend entire afternoons or days bent over books in the library study rooms.

Other times the library is a meeting place, where we can bring our children for read aloud cycles, where we can relax reading our favorite magazines and much more.

For those who want to stay longer, it’s important to provide Smart Lockers to safely store coats, bags, and personal items that we don’t need during our stay at the library but don’t want to leave unattended either.

The WIB Smart Locker compartments work with a special wristband, smartphone, or fingerprint, so there is no need to carry cards, keys, or receipts that could be misplaced.

Since it is a fully automated system, then, it is not necessary to employ dedicated staff to assist visitors who are able to open and close the compartments independently.

Smart Lockers can also be used for book lending: a user could reserve a book from the web catalog and pick it up directly at the Smart Locker without having to go to the library desk.


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