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Smart Lockers for coworking spaces

Advantages of the WIB Smart Locker for those who work from a coworking location:

Advantages of the Smart Locker WIB for those who manage a coworking space:

  • increased number of interested users thanks to the presence of an increasingly popular service
  • integration with notifications on the smartphone about useful information for those who use the coworking space
  • increased security
  • less use of staff within the coworking space

With the increasing diffusion of remote work, coworking spaces are more and more numerous: they represent the ideal solution for those who work remotely or work from home and do not want to deprive themselves of the “office” environment and all the advantages that these structures can offer.

Among the many services offered by coworking spaces, one of the most sought after by users is the presence of a Smart Locker in order to easily receive and send packages without the need to be physically present or to queue at the post office or at the courier’s office.

Usually, in fact, those who work in a coworking facility tend not to have fixed schedules: for this reason they are not always able to know when they will be physically present in order to wait for the arrival of the courier.

Thanks to the Smart Locker, it is not necessary to be present to pick up a package, nor to delegate someone else to do it; once the package destined for us is placed in the Smart Locker, we receive a notification on our smartphone that alerts us to its presence.

If we are out of the office on an errand and it’s getting close to lunchtime, we can order what we want to eat and have it delivered to the Smart Locker and eat it when we get back.

Similarly, in the case of refrigerated Smart Food Lockers, we can also have our groceries delivered and keep them fresh until it’s time to go home.

Even for those who manage a coworking facility, the advantages of using Smart Lockers are many: being a service that is in high demand and much sought after, it represents a strong point that will bring more users interested in a location in that particular facility.

Check out the WIB Smart Lockers that we have installed inside some of the Copernico Smart Working network locations in Milan.


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