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Smart Lockers for university residences

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for students staying in university residences:

Advantages of the WIB Smart Locker for those who manage university residences:

  • greater number of interested users due to the presence of an increasingly popular service
  • safer environment as the risk of inadvertent exchange, damage and theft is minimized

University residences are facilities used primarily by students away from home or by those who have the need / desire to stay in the immediate vicinity of the faculty.

The life of a university student takes place mainly outside the home: between classes, study sessions, any work and outings with friends, often university residences are used more as “dormitories”, and it is therefore easy that during the day students are not present.

In the same way, those who study away from home sometimes (especially on holidays and weekends) try to return home to find their family and friends, even leaving their residence for several consecutive days.

In such a context, the use of a Smart Locker is providential: often students who live far away arrive in a new city without any support network, without anyone who can pick up packages for them, and so these smart lockers are the ideal solution to deliver packages even when the recipient is not there.

WIB’ s Smart Locker inside the university residence Camplus in Milano Città Studi

Thanks to a notification on their smartphones, students know when a package is delivered that they can pick up when they return, whether they are away from home for a few hours or staying elsewhere for several days.

WIB’s Smart Locker inside the university residence Camplus of Milan Turro

This smart solution is also useful for organizing classmates: borrowing books, notes and other materials is more convenient and easy without having to see each other (it can be difficult to coincide when you only have one course in common due to the difference in schedules and, sometimes, faculty).

A Smart Locker is also a guarantee of greater security: this tool minimizes the risk of any packages being lost, stolen, damaged or accidentally switched.

For all the reasons we have just seen, the use of Smart Lockers offers several advantages to those who manage university residences, being able to offer students a convenient, safe and personalized service.


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