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Smart Locker for stadiums

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for football teams supporters:

  • increased security against theft, loss and damage
  • fewer queues for controls
  • possibility of storing and later retrieving objects that are not permitted inside the stadium

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for stadium operators:

  • increased security in the stadium
  • fewer queues at the controls
  • use of Smart Lockers in locker rooms as an alternative to traditional lockers

For safety reasons, it is not possible to bring certain objects into the stadium: among these are some commonly used objects such as cans or glass bottles, an excessive number of coins, umbrellas, lighters, keys and power banks.

Although these items are not allowed inside the stadium, there are cases where it is necessary to bring them up to the gates: for example, if it rains we will be forced to use the umbrella as far as possible.

Thanks to Smart Lockers, it is possible to store all those items that are not allowed inside the stadium and to take them back at the exit safely; the lockers are also useful for storing valuables that – in the crowd – could be stolen, lost or damaged.

Smart Lockers can also be useful inside locker rooms in place of traditional lockers.


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