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Smart Lockers for shopping malls and outlets

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for customers:

  • greater convenience in storing shopping bags and personal items
  • more security

Advantages of WIB Smart Lockers for shopping malls and outlets:

  • more security
  • longer customer dwell time
  • service that does not require the use of dedicated personnel

Stores, restaurants, relaxation areas… In shopping malls and outlets it is possible to spend entire days.

The need to have a space to store one’s personal belongings in these cases makes itself felt: during an intense shopping session it is uncomfortable and tiring to carry the bags with what we have bought all day long, especially if they are heavy, fragile or bulky.

In shopping malls, then, in winter it often happens to walk around the stores with the coat in hand: a solution that becomes particularly annoying if we need to have our hands free.

There are also outlets and shopping centers built close to airports or train or bus stations: in this case, travelers would need a place where they can safely store their luggage and personal effects and be able to walk around the structure more comfortably.

For all these reasons, the presence of Smart Lockers inside outlets and shopping centers can be providential.

Check out the WIB Smart Locker designed and built for Coop here.


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