Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for companies

Benefits of WIB Smart Lockers for employees:

  • greater security in the safekeeping of personal belongings
  • convenient interface with the administration
  • possibility of receiving packages, correspondence or shopping in the office

Advantages of the WIB Smart Locker for companies:

In companies there is always the need for maximum security both in terms of company resources (electronic devices for collective use), confidential documents (contracts, offers, CVs, etc.) and employees’ personal belongings (wallets, smartphones, etc.).

Thanks to Smart Lockers, each employee can have a dedicated bay in which to store their personal belongings and be the only one to have access to them through their smartphone, fingerprint or wristband.

It is also possible to set up certain bays so that they are of common access for employees and the administration: in this way, the exchange and withdrawal of documents (contracts, payroll, etc.) can take place quickly and easily, without the need to go to the office of competence.

Other compartments can be used for the common management of company resources: in these cases it is essential to be able to track the use of the lockers so that it is possible to safely trace the people who have had access to the Smart Locker.

Having a Smart Locker is also part of corporate welfare: in this way, employees can receive parcels, correspondence and – in the case of refrigerated lockers – even groceries or lunch during the break directly in the company.


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