Make your business grow with safe and reliable Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers


Smart Lockers are suitable for many different situations. In these pages we discover together some of the main contexts in which they can be used.

Amusement Parks

A carefree day at an amusement park can be annoyed by the need to carry around objects of various kinds, which are not necessarily useful for the whole day, on the contrary: leaving them in the car to go and get them back is a very uncomfortable option, so what can be done as an alternative?

Banks and Credit Institutions

Bank branches are increasingly changing shape and nature, offering a visit experience that is increasingly attentive to the needs of those who go there: how can smart lockers contribute to improving this experience? Let's find out in this in-depth study.


How can smart lockers be useful in a corporate setting? In many situations: from the management of company resources to employee welfare, from guest services to much more, we talk about it in this in-depth analysis


Using smart lockers as parcel lockers within condominium spaces can greatly improve the residents' experience, let's find out how.


From delivering mail and packages to delivering lunch, smart lockers make it even more convenient and enjoyable to use a coworking space, reducing the effort required by the facility to maintain and deliver quality services.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

In places where many people access the need to secure objects of different nature is felt more insistently: in this in-depth study we discover how smart lockers can help on this front.


How to improve the experience of visiting hotel guests through smart lockers? We talk about it in this in-depth study

Industrial laundries, laundromats, and dry cleaners

There are different types of laundries, each with different characteristics and customers: WIB Smart Lockers are an automated and flexible solution in every situation!


Smart Lockers inside the library can also be used for book borrowing - here's how!

Museums and Exhibition Spaces

How to improve the museum visitation experience while freeing staff from repetitive tasks? In this in-depth look at the usefulness of smart lockers within Museums and other Exhibition Spaces.


How can smart lockers enhance a visit to the park, perhaps on a beautiful sunny day? Let's find out together in this in-depth study.

Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities are the ideal place for the use of smart lockers for the safe storage of different kinds of material: in this in-depth study we discover the opportunities

Shopping Centers and Outlets

Many shopping centers and outlets are equipping themselves with smart lockers to offer a better visiting experience to their customers: what are the advantages of this choice? Let's discover them in the dedicated article

Sports Centers, Pools and Gyms

We're used to classic lockers in sports centers, but how safe are they actually? Smart locker technology can radically improve the experience for users, let's find out how in this in-depth study!


Stadiums host countless sporting occasions, welcoming thousands or tens of thousands of people at the same time: how can smart lockers be useful in this context? Let's find out in this in-depth study

Stations and Airports

The advantages of placing one or more smart lockers in stations and airports are many and concern various subjects, including mainly those who travel, those who manage the facilities but also any shopkeepers who work there


From helping on the security front to offering better services, there are many fronts on which Smart Lockers can help inside a supermarket: let's discover the main ones!

University residences

Colleges and university residences can benefit from the use of smart lockers with different purposes: let's discover them in the dedicated in-depth analysis


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