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WIB Smart Lockers

WIB Smart Lockers are the ideal solution for companies, coworking, supermarkets, condominiums, universities, stations, airports, gyms and many other facilities that want to make people's lives easier by offering a service that allows them to deliver and receive materials, packages, shopping bags, take-away lunches or other with maximum convenience.

The recipient does not need to be present at the time of delivery and can pick-up the items anytime, quickly and in complete autonomy, with the convenience of receiving alerts and digital notifications even when it comes to food: thanks to the refrigerated Smart Food Lockers the food is kept fresh for a long time, as if it were in the refrigerator.

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WIB Smart Stores

WIB Smart Stores enable fully interactive and fully customized shopping experiences as they collect, analyze and rationalize crucial data sets in real time to get a clear idea of consumers' buying behavior, thus being able to maximize customization of interactions with stakeholders, increasing sales and optimizing the user experience.

WIB has developed proprietary cloud-based platform and an all-in-one control dashboard that allows to control and manage all aspects of the proposed solutions (emperature management, handling system operation, product catalog control and update, marketing campaign management, etc).

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About Us

WIB is an IoT solutions provider, pioneering smart, web-based retail automation globally. WIB brings patented, next generation cloud-based pick up, drop off and sales solutions to a vast range of retail industry segments.

WIB offers you an end-to-end solution to make your business thrive.


In order to keep your WIB Solutions running smoothly and in optimal shape, WIB offers global coverage for a variety of on-site and remote maintenance services.


WIB is fully committed to tackling any unexpected troubles with hardware and software.


In order to offer the most convenient business model on a case by case basis, WIB has established partnerships that allow us to facilitate your financing.

Fully Tailored Concepts

At WIB, we are eager to share our expertise, flexibility and know-how in order to create a fully tailored concept

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