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We have selected some of the many customers with whom we have had the pleasure of working over the years to give you a list of the main realities that have chosen our products and services




Camst Group


Compass Group



Gruppo Sapio


Maire Tecnimont

Marchesini Group

Natuzzi Italia



Sagat (Aeroporto Torino)


Maurizio Carvelli

Camplus Founder and CEO

"Our Camplus accommodates mostly college students who live far from home and, therefore, need a secure and reliable way to receive correspondence, packages, online orders, etc.

Adopting WIB solutions for postal management - using them as Parcel Lockers - and thus optimizing the reception of parcels for students solved all the problems we were experiencing in terms of both reception and storage.

We've installed a WIB Smart Locker in every Camplus location in Italy and also in Spain, in Pamplona: these smart lockers have now become a necessary standard, much requested by our guests, allowing them to enjoy their stay at our Camplus to the fullest thanks to the security of secure and autonomous management of their online purchases and correspondence.

We've also been very comfortable with WIB's software platform, which is both comprehensive and practical for those administering the Smart Lockers and the students who use them every day."

Andrea Fumagalli

Director of Accademia Pellegrini

"Clients come to us more and more frequently looking for alternative or supplementary solutions to the traditional Company Restaurant; a convenient, flexible and easily implemented solution in many realities we believe is the Food Locker and the Clients who have adhered to this choice still recognize the advantage brought to their organization and to the end user.

With the WIB Food Locker we have found the product that allows us to actively propose this service, so as to allow companies to let their people experience a lunch break in a completely safe way and tailored to the time needs of the individual.

Just recently, WIB, for one of our clients (an international company), has dealt with the installation of Food Locker composed of several modules: the employees book their lunch choosing among the many alternatives available within the dedicated app; the lunch is prepared in a "packed lunch - take away" version and placed in one of the cells of the Food Locker that keeps it at the optimal temperature until its collection. When an employee picks up the lunch from the Food Locker (by scanning a QR code received via email) the system sends a notification of "box picked up" that is, to all intents and purposes, a certification of successful pick up: this is possible thanks to an advanced integration system between the Locker+App solution and the company management system, perfected taking into account all the needs of the project.

The experience with WIB has been optimal on all fronts and we look forward enthusiastically to the next one!"

Salvatore Landolina

CFO and Digital&Innovation Director at Torino Airport

"We appreciated the ability with which WIB was able to customize its proposal for our needs, integrating it with our information systems.

We are very satisfied with the response of our commercial partners at the airport: we are always looking for new solutions to improve the passenger experience and this proposal has allowed us to quickly offer a useful and appreciated innovation".

Federico Andrea Lessio

Chief Experience Officer at Copernico

"Since we implemented WIB Smart Lockers to date, more than 10,000 pickups have been made, without a single incident; we have successfully integrated this innovative solution into our current system allowing us to offer our customers a modern, functional and secure experience.

This is also thanks to the willingness of WIB, which understood our needs even in a new service area and developed a solution in line with Copernico's style and features."

Marco Maillaro

Co-founder of Z Padel Club

"We are an innovative startup that has decided to transform the padel experience, integrating the most modern resources into a continuum that ensures that the gaming experience flows with maximum pleasure but is also accompanied by opportunities for relaxation, smart working and networking.

To achieve this result, we have carefully chosen partners to accompany us on this journey and we are very pleased to have met on our way WIB, with whom we have created our Z locker, smart lockers that make possible many of the innovations we propose.

We have a lot in common and we are sure that we will grow together, offering those who choose us an experience that will always raise the bar".

Michele Mariella

CIO at Maire Tecnimont

"At Marie Tecnimont we pay a lot of attention to the overall experience of our employees and collaborators and we are always looking for cutting-edge solutions to save them time in an intelligent way.

The work done together with WIB goes in this direction and we are very satisfied with the results: thanks to the different lockers installed (from baggage handling to personal belongings), integrated with our authentication systems, the staff is already getting the expected benefits.

The installation of dozens of lockers in our main office in Milan was a complex and challenging project, but we are pleased to have seen it progress on schedule and within the specifications of the initial order".

Bruno Sacchi

Director at Joinfruit

"In an increasingly fast-moving world, we wanted to offer people an innovative shopping experience - WIB and Ricoh provided us with a complete solution that was customized based on our needs and the goals we wanted to achieve.

We are very happy with this Food Locker and everything is working as expected; we know we can count on WIB not only for the maintenance of the Smart Locker or the eventual technical assistance, but also to improve the shopping experience over time; given the excellent premises of this first installation, we are already thinking of replicating it in other cities and at the same time expanding the offer".

Riccardo Sturniolo

Project Manager at Marchesini Group

"At Marchesini Group we have always been concerned about the well-being of all our employees by adopting corporate welfare measures that could make life in the office more serene and looking for ways to lighten the burden of daily tasks through convenient and innovative solutions.

We therefore decided to turn to WIB for the installation of a Smart Locker to be used as a Parcel Locker to allow those who work in Marchesini Group to receive parcels and orders online directly in the company.

For employees, this convenience is fundamental: most of us make online purchases almost every day and not being able to be at home to receive them poses a problem that we have completely solved thanks to the WIB Smart Locker; for the company, it is a particularly convenient solution because employees can pick up their parcels independently and there are no queues, waits or problems with parcel storage.

One aspect we particularly appreciated was the ability to customize the software to best suit our needs - just what we were looking for!"



Digital Agency

Axura is an agency specialized in digital interactions whose mission is to help companies to better dialogue with the market, seizing the opportunities of the internet.

The experience in the development of internet presences and web tools has been made available to WIB for its growth path, enhancing and giving visibility to innovative projects carried out together with clients.

A constant comparison allows Axura to move with confidence on the topics dealt with, helping if necessary also WIB's clients to present them effectively, both in the general relationship with the market and in the more specific dialogue with potential clients.


Fleet management

Deverse is an innovative company focused on the development of cutting-edge solutions and tools for mobility and in particular for smart fleet management, in a combination of software and physicality that passes through the implementation of IoT solutions and partnerships with companies such as WIB, whose smart lockers are the ideal extension of the platform available to all Deverse customers.

In fact, thanks to this collaboration, it is possible to implement the delivery and collection of keys and documents for cars belonging to company fleets or rental cars at fully automated smart lockers, with advantages for everyone: the greater convenience and comfort of the service is accompanied by an even more precise control of the entire process, entirely governed in every aspect by the Deverse software, perfectly integrated with the WIB systems.

Evoca Group

The Necta brand, part of the Evoca group, needs no introduction in the world of vending machines. The great experience gained in the development of vending machines recognized as among the most reliable on the market has made this brand one of the most recognizable in Italy and abroad.

The continuous search for innovation has brought this reality in contact with WIB and the harmony between the two companies has led to the creation of a software solution capable of integrating, in a single system and with a single interface, vending machines and smart lockers simultaneously, to offer the market a further step forward in the experience of using these devices.


IT Chef

Infotecna is a software factory founded in 1996 that has immediately focused its attention on the development of applications aimed at improving processes and activities in the field of catering, from production to order management.

The partnership with WIB allows Infotecna to propose an innovative end-to-end solution, which allows the delivery of meals ordered through the InfoTecna system directly into WIB refrigerated Smart Lockers, offering users convenience and flexibility in accessing the meal and companies implementing this solution the possibility to significantly improve corporate welfare.


Book Locker

ISNG is the leading company in Italy in the field of library automation through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and EM (electromagnetic) technology.

With over 800 institutional and private customers it has been operating on the whole national territory for over 15 years.

ISNG sells self-service self-loan systems for users, anti-shoplifting systems and security of library and multimedia assets, as well as loan automation systems for library staff through a plurality of skills from the world of librarianship, culture and technological innovation, with an expanded staff and a network of strategic alliances throughout the country.

Since 2020, among the partners of ISNG there is also WIB and from the collaboration between the two companies an innovative system of distribution and return of books and school supplies at universities and libraries throughout Italy was born: the Smart Locker becomes an integral part of the user experience, without the need to access multiple systems. This innovation allows the service to be safely and independently accessible up to 24 hours a day, avoiding queues and allowing staff to engage in other activities.


E-commerce, web app & UX/UI

Monforte is a digital communication agency with a long tradition: with more than 1000 projects carried out for 180 clients in 19 years, it has harnessed the skills and commitment of a large team of technicians and creatives, including experts in communication, web marketing, social media and digital innovation.

The proximity between the Monforte and WIB teams has led to numerous collaborations in the development of software integrated with the WIB HW and SW solution, starting from booking platforms to full-fledged ecommerce: the experience gained together allows for the creation of processes and interfaces optimized to best serve users.

Npo Sistemi

Npo Sistemi, a Ricoh group company, has been promoting change in information systems and business processes for over 35 years, increasing the value of companies through the development of a new digital culture and helping companies in their evolutionary path towards innovation and the achievement of their business results.

Npo and WIB meet thanks to the partnership with Ricoh and start in a short time a close collaboration on the application front: thanks to Npo's expertise in the development of complex systems, the WIB software is made, release after release, more and more scalable and resilient, to support the best needs ranging from single installation to networks of many devices located even at great distances.


Services and Integrated Solutions

From the introduction of the first high-speed fax machines for the office to the development of technologies to facilitate flexible working models that are now indispensable: Ricoh's innovation boasts a long history, enhanced by partnerships with numerous high-tech companies, including, for some years, with WIB.

The relationship, which originally began as the provision of installation, maintenance and logistics services, has evolved over time into a true partnership, thanks to a strong synergy and an increasingly comprehensive proposal to the market.

Thanks to the partnership with Ricoh, customers who choose WIB solutions can rely on a nationally and internationally renowned organization, both in the pre-sales, installation and post-sales phases.

Ricoh offers WIB solutions as a systems integrator, helping businesses to build smart, secure work environments based on new technology trends such as cloud, IoT and process automation.

This synergy allows companies that need Smart Locker and Smart Store to relate to a single partner able to support them both in Italy and abroad, optimizing the management of all project phases and ensuring maximum business continuity.

WIB's ability to offer ad hoc solutions, able to satisfy complex needs and to integrate into advanced business ecosystems, thanks to full control of the software and its flexibility, is therefore best combined with the experience and skills of Ricoh, a multinational group founded in Japan 85 years ago and able to grow year after year, making reliability its hallmark.


Collective catering

RistoCloud is an innovative company that develops solutions for collective catering: it has created an advanced platform that manages this service in an integrated and centralized way for hospitals, schools and companies.

Completely flexible, modular, integrable and customizable, it allows to improve every phase of the service: from the elaboration of the diet, to the production and distribution of meals.

Thanks to the partnership with WIB and the integration between the two softwares, WIB refrigerated Smart Lockers become an integral part of the users' experience, who can book meals and pick them up conveniently and safely at the available pick-up points, with a flexibility that goes far beyond the traditional experience and translates into an opportunity to improve corporate welfare.

Sofia Locks

Smart access control solutions

Sofia Locks is an innovative startup that creates smart access control solutions that leverage cloud-native technology and smart locks.

The proprietary online platform offers services that transform the access experience to buildings and spaces, a real necessity especially in flexible contexts such as coworking and co-living environments.

The collaboration between WIB and this leading Italian company in the PropTech world was born on the basis of a common vision of technology as an enabling factor of new access and sharing experiences and results in the full integration of WIB smart lockers with Sofia Locks' software proposal, both for end users and administrators.

Swiss Post Solutions

A Swiss Post Group company, Swiss Post Solutions is an operator specialized in Document Management and business support services, ranging from mailroom management to outsourcing of complex activities, from reception to printing centers.

Swiss Post Solutions has in its DNA the perspective of service and quality that is often associated with the Swiss Confederation.

With a widespread presence on the territory for over 20 years in Italy, Swiss Post Solutions is able to provide services that "combine technology, never an end in itself, and security of the highest level based on industrialized solutions, accompanying them at the same time with a customized definition of operations for each customer" explains Alessandro Faccendetti, Managing Director for Italy and Spain.

In this context characterized by a shared strategic approach, the synergy with WIB was born, aimed at providing an integrated approach to office management and business support services.

This wide-ranging partnership provides customers with a comprehensive customer experience that integrates smart lockers with state-of-the-art services such as security scanning and material lifecycle tracking.

The resulting benefits for companies that choose the services are many, both in terms of "welfare" such as, for example, the possibility of private parcel delivery at their office, and in terms of operations: among others, the number of accesses to sites is drastically reduced, security is optimized by receiving material free of threats (dust, explosives...) and there is greater visibility of the status of deliveries and processing.

Telematica Italia

Telematica Italia is a point of reference for thousands of companies in Italy, who choose it for the quality of its professional services, from business consulting to support in the field of subsidized finance and it is on this last front that the greatest value of the close collaboration with WIB is expressed.
Thanks to the confidence matured with WIB's proposal to the market, Telematica is able to support, for the customers who choose its products and services, the process of financial facilitation, in compliance with the objectives of growth and incentive carried out at different levels, including in particular regional, state and community ones.

As an example, WIB relied on Telematica Italia for the drafting of an expert report aimed at verifying the compliance of the requirements of WIB solutions with the Industry 4.0 regulations, encouraging "technological and/or digital transformation processes", a condition that gives access to numerous advantages to customers who adopt WIB solutions.

Z Padel Club

Z Padel Club was born from the desire of six Italian entrepreneurs united by the same passion and sporting vision: to live and experience the game of padel at its best, in real multifaceted clubs.

Z Padel Club locations are not just simple structures where you can practice this sport, but they are functional and welcoming centers where you can eat healthy, socialize, relax and take care of your well-being, but also work in smart working, develop business and establish new professional relationships in a unique setting and with an innovative design.

With the purpose to offer to the users more and more complete and evolved services, in partnership with WIB in the role of technological supplier, in each Z Padel Club the Z Lockers are available for guests, comfortable smart lockers that enable access to exclusive services (from the reservation of the court with padel kit to the custody and laundry service of clothing and racket), not to mention the future developments already planned (including the click&collect of technical material and much more).


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