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VBD Parts Revolutionizes Auto Parts Distribution with WIB Smart Locker Integration!

In the bustling auto parts distribution sector, VBD Parts – the nascent Distrigo HUB under the Stellantis group umbrella, operating on the outskirts of Brescia – emerges as a genuine pioneer. It leads the pack among Distrigo HUBs and within the broader Italian Independent Aftermarket (IAM) distribution scene by introducing a tailor-made service aimed at […]

WIB and Ricoh Equip Bologna with 3 Smart Lockers for the URBANE Sustainable Logistics Initiative

Bologna is leading the charge in sustainable urban logistics with the launch of an ambitious pilot project of European scope. This initiative sees the deployment of 3 Smart Lockers, supplied by WIB in partnership with Ricoh Italy, aiming to revolutionize goods delivery in the historic core of the city, enhancing efficiency and environmental sustainability. This […]

Care Sport: The Growing Network of Smart Lockers and Revolutionary Services in Sports and Fitness – An Exclusive Interview with Paolo Capelli Leading up to Padel Trend Expo 2024

At the outset of 2023, we introduced the innovative startup Care Sport during the Padel Trend Expo of that year. It was a significant event where the WIB-powered “Care Box” was launched; a pioneering phygital solution for athletes and fitness aficionados. This marked its initial significant inclusion in the range of services available to padel […]

The Evolution of Last-Mile Logistics: An Interview with Lorenzo Maggioni, CEO of GEL Proximity

In a world where technological innovation significantly impacts last-mile logistics, GEL Proximity emerges as a pioneer of progress and sustainability. We are delighted to present our interview with Lorenzo Maggioni, CEO and founder of GEL Proximity. We delved into the company’s innovative roots, its transformative impact on last-mile logistics, and its promising collaboration with WIB. […]

Smart Lockers, IoT & Advanced Mobility: An Interview with Giorgio Cataldi, CEO of Deverse

In the fast-paced world of IoT and advanced mobility, a few companies stand out with their innovative and tangible solutions – Deverse being one of them. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, Deverse develops cutting-edge tools and solutions, finding WIB an ideal partner to augment and enhance its offerings. With extensive experience in integrating IoT […]

Banca CRS: the first bank in Italy to introduce Smart Lockers in its branches

Banca CRS has marked a historic moment in the history of Italian banks, becoming the first to provide its employees and customers with not one, but two innovative services made possible thanks to Smart Lockers, special intelligent cabinets strategically placed at the ATM counters, and easily accessible to the public. In total, the branches involved […]

WIB’s Smart Lockers Revolutionize Grocery Delivery with Everli

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Everli, the renowned home grocery delivery service. In this project, we installed two of our multi-temperature Smart Lockers at two Pewex supermarkets in Rome. These Lockers, equipped with a total of 30 compartments divided between room temperature, refrigerated (temperatures ranging from 2°C (35.6°F) to 8°C (46.4°F)), and […]

Supporting the professional evolution of Facility Managers: WIB becomes a supplier partner of IFMA, the International Facility Management Association

  • 4 August 2023
  • Elena Federici

Pictured: Alice Riccò, WIB Sales & Marketing Support (left); Elena Federici, WIB Sales & Marketing Manager (right). Over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to delve into the key role of the Facility Manager in the modern corporate ecosystem. We have discussed the new challenges this figure has to face – from […]

Aeroporti di Roma, WIB Smart Lockers Arrive at Fiumicino: Buy When You Leave, Collect When You Return!

Pictured, left to right: Elena Federici – Sales Manager WIB; Costanza Rebecchini – Account Manager Retail ADR; Alice Assom – Account Manager Ricoh; Isabelle Vinet – Stageur BU Commercial ADR. In the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to enhance the passenger experience at airports in Rome, we have collaborated with ADR (Aeroporti di Roma SpA) […]

About Smart Lockers & data centers: interview with Marco Calculli, Global Process Owner at Data4Group

Our daily lives are increasingly intertwined with resources found on the web, in what we commonly call the “cloud,” where we store our photos, work documents, etc. Behind this conventional name, however, which evokes lightness and intangibility, are a series of complex and technologically advanced facilities known as “data centers,” which house the computers we […]

WIB Attains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security: A Conversation with Luca Salvatori

Pictured: Claudio De Girolamo, Operations Director of WIB (left), and Luca Salvatori, Service & Process Director of WIB (right) In our rapidly digitalizing world, the importance of information security for all businesses is paramount. Companies are now expected to implement an ISMS – Information Security Management System – to safeguard their operations. The ISO 27001 […]

Smart lockers and last-mile delivery: a smart solution to reduce traffic and environmental impact from e-commerce

961 million parcels: this is the figure released by AGCOM, the Communications Authority, regarding the delivery of parcels on Italian territory in 2021. The figure, up 3.5 percent when compared with the previous year, testifies to Italians’ growing familiarity with online shopping, an increasingly ingrained habit that grew significantly during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, with […]

Smart Locker

New challenges for facility managers: from green transition to hybrid work, here’s why Smart Lockers are an increasingly valuable resource

There is growing importance in the company of this role, which now also has dedicated training paths and its own anniversary, which in 2023 falls on May 10. The facility manager is an increasingly essential figure in many organizations because he or she is the person responsible for managing and optimizing space and resources within […]

Padel Trend Expo 2023: CARE SPORT presents “Care Box,” WIB and Ricoh’s Smart Lockers for padel equipment rental!

Padel: a sport invented in Mexico at the end of the 1960s that – as of today – in Italy alone counts with more than 7,000 courts (of which more than 2,300 are indoor) and a number of fans and enthusiasts that exceeds one million people (thanks to Mr. Padel Paddle for the always up-to-date […]

WIB Smart Lockers: the Parcel Lockers that revolutionize parcel reception in the office

In collaboration with our partner Ricoh, we installed 3 Parcel Lockers for a client that is a provider of outsourcing, digital solutions for business process management, and innovative services (which has been present extensively in Italy for more than 20 years now). These 3 Smart Lockers were made available to a major multinational energy and […]

Corporate welfare: company canteens become 4.0 with WIB refrigerated smart lockers!

Even in the Milanese suburbs, more precisely in Ossona, Smart Lockers have become synonymous with innovation: at the headquarters of Dolcissimo/Solo Italia, where the catering service is entrusted to CAMST, a refrigerated Food Locker has been installed for use by the company’s employees and their guests! The installation, which took place in collaboration with our […]

Self-service pickup points: Getlocky chooses WIB Smart Lockers to implement innovative Parcel Locker service

More and more people want to use Smart Lockers to receive their online purchases but it is not always possible if these smart lockers are not installed in their apartment building, workplace, or otherwise in facilities that are easily and conveniently accessible. Getlocky is an Italian reality that aims to create a network of Smart […]

Data4 Group invests in corporate welfare with Joinfruit Fresh: fruit, vegetables and meat delivered via a refrigerated Smart Locker

Data4 Group invests in corporate welfare for its staff and chooses OP Joinfruit Fresh service: fruits and vegetables sourced directly from the producer and delivered to employees through a refrigerated Smart Locker. The installation was carried out in collaboration with our partner Ricoh at the Cornaredo (Milan) office of Data4 Group. How does the service […]

Corporate devices management thanks to Smart Lockers: the experience of another large Italian company that chose us!

Among the business processes that can be improved and made more secure through the use of Smart Lockers is asset management or the management of a company’s resources – in this case devices. A historic Italian company that was founded in 1922 and now has an international reach in the technical and medicinal gases sector […]

With a first deal won together and many projects coming up: this is our collaboration with Three for Tech

In Three for Tech we have found an excellent partner specialized in the ICT sector: thanks to their twenty years of experience in hardware and software maintenance services, software development, structured cabling and business management systems, we work together on numerous projects in the world of innovation and technology. The Consortium is present on the […]

CHG-Meridian Headquarters

Working together in the world of innovation: our collaboration with CHG-MERIDIAN

What makes a partnership between two companies a successful partnership? We at WIB have asked ourselves this question many times in the course of our evolution, and we believe that in order to build a strategic, solid, and, above all, true partnership, there must be inalienable and shared assumptions: common goals a desire to improve […]

DoveVivo chooses WIB Smart Lockers to make the stay in its student residences even more comfortable

In the picture, the Smart Locker in the DoveVivo student house in Parma. DoveVivo is a project born in Italy that in a short time has become a leader in Europe (40 million turnovers in 2020 alone) in the coliving sector. Coliving – or rather, sharing a home with people who do not belong to […]

SendeeX chooses WIB Smart Lockers for the launch of the new SesamoBox service: 24/7 parcel and goods reception to support neighborhood stores and consumers

Thanks to Smart Lockers, it is possible to have packages ordered from ecommerce delivered and collected autonomously 24 hours a day, every day of the week: but the possibilities offered by the use of Smart Lockers are many more! For physical stores, local markets and neighborhood stores, Smart Lockers prove to be important allies by […]

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore chooses a WIB Smart Locker to improve service to its Milan library

A WIB Smart Locker at the service of the library of the Milan campus of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore As we have seen in the section of our website dedicated to the contexts of use of Smart Lockers, these solutions lend themselves to being used in many situations making various processes more agile, […]

Asset management, key management and parcel lockers: WIB Smart Lockers optimize the business processes of a large multinational company

Large companies are characterised by a number of processes, more or less complex, which are necessary to make all company dynamics work properly; more and more companies are looking for innovative and secure solutions to optimise these processes with a view to better time and asset management. In order to facilitate the exchange of material […]

Planting trees with Treedom: our best start for 2022

  • 5 January 2022
  • Elena Federici

To start the new year in the best way we gave ourselves a special gift: thanks to Treedom, in the last days of 2021 and with the aim of starting the new year in the best way, we planted 15 trees in Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania to support farmers of 3 rural communities. 3 different […]

Corporate welfare: Marchesini Group chooses WIB Smart Lockers for its Parcel Locker service dedicated to personnel

Marchesini Group is a multinational company founded in Pianoro (Bologna) in 1947 and which today is a leading company in the sector of machinery for the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. Starting out as a small family-run business, the Marchesini Group has since become an international player thanks to its ability to combine […]

Compass Group chooses a WIB Food Locker for the management of the Milan Polytechnic’s canteen

The Polytechnic University of Milan is an institution in the field of technology, science and research not only in Lombardy but throughout Italy and the world; for this reason we are particularly proud that Compass Group has chosen our Food Locker for the management of the university canteen of this leading reality of the Italian […]

Joinfruit Fresh: Joinfruit innovates the fresh fruit shopping experience with WIB Food Lockers

In collaboration with our partner Ricoh we have installed a Food Locker in Cuneo thanks to which people can enjoy a fresh product, prepared and delivered in one day.

welfare aziendale smart locker

Smart Lockers for corporate welfare: from online orders to canteen 4.0, the use cases for the welfare of employees and collaborators

In recent years, Italian companies have been increasingly committed to putting in place corporate welfare initiatives, i.e. the set of practices that companies and employers adopt to increase the well-being of workers and their families. A study published by ISTAT (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) in June 2020 (but referring to the two-year period […]

CIRFOOD, with its QUBì service, chooses WIB food lockers to improve the corporate welfare of its customers: the example of IRA

The most avant-garde companies are often also those most attentive to corporate welfare, capable of grasping the novelties of the market that allow improving the quality of the work experience of employees and collaborators. CIRFOOD, – an Italian cooperative company leader in collective and commercial catering and welfare services – confirms this combination by choosing […]

WIB Smart locker and Sofia Locks Smart lock: the ideal combination for safer and more flexible shared spaces

All WIB solutions have a common goal: to improve people’s experience in different spaces (living, working, leisure, etc.) through the use of technology. Some examples are the use of Parcel Locker in coworking spaces but also in condominiums or university residences, the management through Smart Locker of company devices (asset management in the company), the […]

Refrigerated Smart Locker: Gruppo Pellegrini has chosen WIB Food Lockers to revolutionize its Clients’ lunch breaks

On our blog we have already talked about some companies that have chosen us to revolutionize the concept of corporate canteen thanks to take away lunches collected at our refrigerated Smart Locker. Even Edison, a leading energy supplier in Italy and Europe, has installed a WIB Food Locker at its headquarters in Milan in order […]

From company canteen to smart canteen: Camst chooses WIB refrigerated Smart Lockers for a 4.0 canteen

In recent months, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the way of working has changed radically and – along with it – the way of living the time spent in the company, in most cases now reduced and fragmented. The need for less crowded spaces has led companies to look for innovative and flexible solutions to […]

smart locker refrigerato

Sodexo chooses WIB for its Lunch Box project: fresh meals for employees to be picked up in the refrigerated Smart Locker!

Sodexo, along with our partner Ricoh, recently introduced refrigerated WIB Smart Lockers to its Italian headquarters for the Lunch Box project, an initiative that allows company employees to book and have meals delivered to the office, all through an app. Who is Sodexo? Sodexo is a multinational company operating in the business services sector: founded […]

smart locker

Innovation at the airport: WIB Smart Lockers at the service of Torino Airport

Airports are transforming from places of transit into real destinations, able to offer increasingly varied and pleasant experiences. The quality of the stay of travellers is now the focus of attention of airport operators, who are now more committed than ever to rethinking existing services and introducing new ones. At Turin airport, too, the aim […]

Smart locker and Smart Working: Copernico’s winning experience with WIB and Ricoh

Even in Italy, albeit with some delay compared to the rest of Europe, “smart working” is becoming increasingly widespread. It is based on working methods that are more flexible than in the past, with greater autonomy and accountability for results and which, to encourage these methods, often also involves a rethinking of work spaces. In […]

New means of shopping: from the supermarket to smart distributor, what’s new for buyers?

Automatic boxes, smart distributors, e-commerce … How does our daily way of spending change? Here are a few points on the subject!

Amazon The Hub and other solutions: are we stepping into the age of residential parcel lockers?

24/7 pick-up, increased privacy and traceability: parcel lockers offer various advantages. Whilst Amazon is bringing them to apartment buildings and convenience stores, there are other locations and use cases in which smart lockers are revealing their efficacy thank to WIB

Thousands of stores are closing, and there is talk of the retail apocalypse: how can this change be tackled?

1 out of every 2 malls in the US could close by 2023. Caused by the crisis and by a new way of shopping, how can “traditional” stores reinvent themselves in order to survive?

Maire Tecnimont is at the forefront of smart working with its WIB smart lockers

The company chose to install a WIB PickUp machine in order to handle the distribution and transfer of necessary work materials in a safe manner and without time constraints. The pilot project is working well, and new and important developments are being planned

Vending machines, a legacy of excellence made in Italy: From Japan to Singapore, curious facts and numbers

Which Country is the largest vending machine manufacturer? Which one has the largest number installed? How many vending machines are there in China? Where is the biggest one located? Between numbers and other curiosities, here’s how vending machines are changing the buying experience.

smart vending machine wib copernico milano

Smart vending machines vs traditional vending machines: where’s the difference?

Thanks to an internet connection, the units can communicate in real time with a centralized control platform that receives real time data flows that can be useful: here is how, and why!

Wib Machines new website

Welcome to our new online home

  • 31 March 2017
  • Alessandro Tazzioli

WIB is proud to have passed a number of key milestones during the last year. The first 12 months of commercial activity have proved to be of great international success. The Milan based team has successfully brought WIB technology to a number of retailers throughout Europe, North America and Middle East. This has led to […]

The omni-channel shopping experience: Sephora Flash concept a glimpse of things to come?

We live in the era of continuous technological evolution. Retail market players focus and compete in the digital world. The days in which consumers were happy with any experience that allowed them to click on a product, add to cart and check out are over. In order to gain a competitive advantage, retailers need to […]


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