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From company canteen to smart canteen: Camst chooses WIB refrigerated Smart Lockers for a 4.0 canteen

In recent months, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the way of working has changed radically and – along with it – the way of living the time spent in the company, in most cases now reduced and fragmented. The need for less crowded spaces has led companies to look for innovative and flexible solutions to […]

Sodexo chooses WIB for its Lunch Box project: fresh meals for employees to be picked up in the refrigerated Smart Locker!

Sodexo, along with our partner Ricoh, recently introduced refrigerated WIB Smart Lockers to its Italian headquarters for the Lunch Box project, an initiative that allows company employees to book and have meals delivered to the office, all through an app. Who is Sodexo? Sodexo is a multinational company operating in the business services sector: founded […]

Innovation at the airport: WIB Smart Lockers at the service of Torino Airport

Airports are transforming from places of transit into real destinations, able to offer increasingly varied and pleasant experiences. The quality of the stay of travellers is now the focus of attention of airport operators, who are now more committed than ever to rethinking existing services and introducing new ones. At Turin airport, too, the aim […]

Smart locker and Smart Working: Copernico’s winning experience with WIB and Ricoh

Even in Italy, albeit with some delay compared to the rest of Europe, “smart working” is becoming increasingly widespread. It is based on working methods that are more flexible than in the past, with greater autonomy and accountability for results and which, to encourage these methods, often also involves a rethinking of work spaces. In […]

New means of shopping: from the supermarket to smart distributor, what’s new for buyers?

Automatic boxes, smart distributors, e-commerce … How does our daily way of spending change? Here are a few points on the subject!

Amazon The Hub and other solutions: are we stepping into the age of residential parcel lockers?

24/7 pick-up, increased privacy and traceability: parcel lockers offer various advantages. Whilst Amazon is bringing them to apartment buildings and convenience stores, there are other locations and use cases in which smart lockers are revealing their efficacy thank to WIB

Thousands of stores are closing, and there is talk of the retail apocalypse: how can this change be tackled?

1 out of every 2 malls in the US could close by 2023. Caused by the crisis and by a new way of shopping, how can “traditional” stores reinvent themselves in order to survive?

Maire Tecnimont is at the forefront of smart working with its WIB smart lockers

The company chose to install a WIB PickUp machine in order to handle the distribution and transfer of necessary work materials in a safe manner and without time constraints. The pilot project is working well, and new and important developments are being planned

Vending machines, a legacy of excellence made in Italy: From Japan to Singapore, curious facts and numbers

Which Country is the largest vending machine manufacturer? Which one has the largest number installed? How many vending machines are there in China? Where is the biggest one located? Between numbers and other curiosities, here’s how vending machines are changing the buying experience.

smart vending machine wib copernico milano

Smart vending machines vs traditional vending machines: where’s the difference?

Thanks to an internet connection, the units can communicate in real time with a centralized control platform that receives real time data flows that can be useful: here is how, and why!

Wib Machines new website

Welcome to our new online home

WIB is proud to have passed a number of key milestones during the last year. The first 12 months of commercial activity have proved to be of great international success. The Milan based team has successfully brought WIB technology to a number of retailers throughout Europe, North America and Middle East. This has led to […]

The omni-channel shopping experience: Sephora Flash concept a glimpse of things to come?

We live in the era of continuous technological evolution. Retail market players focus and compete in the digital world. The days in which consumers were happy with any experience that allowed them to click on a product, add to cart and check out are over. In order to gain a competitive advantage, retailers need to […]


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