Among the business processes that can be improved and made more secure through the use of Smart Lockers is asset management or the management of a company’s resources – in this case devices.

A historic Italian company that was founded in 1922 and now has an international reach in the technical and medicinal gases sector and, during the pandemic emergency, played a major role in the supply of oxygen, decided to enhance the work experience of its employees by using the WIB Smart Locker (supplied and installed in collaboration with our partner Ricoh) to improve the company’s asset management process.

A Smart Locker is currently installed at the client’s headquarters to facilitate the exchange of corporate computing devices to and from employees which also includes their eventual return.

The Smart Locker hardware is fully customized and designed specifically according to the needs expressed by the customer to manage smartphones and PCs through the presence of cells available in two different sizes.

The adoption of a WIB Smart Locker brings several advantages, among which are:

  • maximum security in the management of company assets
  • fully automated system that does not require dedicated staff to operate it
  • 24/7 deployment availability
  • tracking and monitoring of interactions with the locker

In light of this positive experience, the company asked us for further developments to customize the software and usage flows, with a view to continuous improvement, which has always been the basis of excellent enterprises.