What makes a partnership between two companies a successful partnership?

We at WIB have asked ourselves this question many times in the course of our evolution, and we believe that in order to build a strategic, solid, and, above all, true partnership, there must be inalienable and shared assumptions:

  • common goals
  • a desire to improve and grow together

We have found all this in CHG-MERIDIAN.

Since 1979 the group, which is headquartered in Weingarten (Germany), has been offering operating leasing solutions for IT, industrial, and healthcare assets and has positioned itself in the market as one of the world’s leading players.

CHG-MERIDIAN is committed to the ongoing management of technology infrastructures through a broad portfolio of services that it makes available to its more than 12,000 clients.

For WIB, CHG-MERIDIAN represents a fundamental financial partner, thanks to a collaboration born of a strong desire on both sides to support numerous initiatives, with a view to an increasingly digital and innovative reality.

The partnership, which is characterized by flexibility and proactivity, was established thanks to our contact person Davide Lecchi, Industrial Manager of CHG-MERIDIAN Italia, who tells us: “Working as part of a team with a dynamic and innovative company like WIB is very stimulating. Sharing innovative projects with first-class companies, combined with constant attention to the needs of our clients, are the prerequisites for a solid and long-lasting partnership.”