In the picture, the Smart Locker in the DoveVivo student house in Parma.

DoveVivo is a project born in Italy that in a short time has become a leader in Europe (40 million turnovers in 2020 alone) in the coliving sector.

Coliving – or rather, sharing a home with people who do not belong to one’s own household – is an increasingly popular practice among young people who see this as a way not only to share the cost of accommodation but also to get to know new people and cultures.

The company has recently announced the acquisition of ALTIDO Group, one of the leading property management specialists in the hospitality sector; a partnership that brings the transition of the business model from coliving to living and the creation of the largest residential management platform in Europe with 2,500 properties and 12,000 beds in 40 cities in 6 countries.

DoveVivo chose WIB and Ricoh to install 7 Smart Lockers in the student residences of Como, Parma, Venice, Trieste, Ferrara and Bologna to be used as Parcel Lockers in order to offer accommodation guests a convenient, secure and automatic way to receive packages and orders safely.

The recipient receives a delivery notification with a pick-up code with which he can pick up the parcel at any time (24/7) and in complete autonomy.

DoveVivo’s staff has full control over the status of the Locker thanks to a natively integrated dashboard platform.

Thanks to WIB and Ricoh’s Smart Lockers, the receptions of our student residences no longer have to manage the pickup and delivery of guest orders,” says Federico Galardi, Buildings Director at DoveVivo. “This is a huge advantage for all parties involved, as couriers can deliver packages even when there is no reception and tenants can pick them up at any time, with no time constraints. The lockers have allowed us to offer our guests a more convenient and secure experience: packages are never left unattended and delivery errors are minimized.”

University residences – like DoveVivo’s – are just one of the many contexts of use that can benefit in different ways from the presence of one or more Smart Lockers: in this section you will find the main situations!