Thanks to Smart Lockers, it is possible to have packages ordered from ecommerce delivered and collected autonomously 24 hours a day, every day of the week: but the possibilities offered by the use of Smart Lockers are many more!

For physical stores, local markets and neighborhood stores, Smart Lockers prove to be important allies by creating all the conditions to offer people the possibility to pick up their purchases at any time of the day and night, even when the store is closed, as if it were open 24 hours a day.

Helping physical stores through the use of Smart Locker “neighborhood” is one of the objectives of SendeeX, innovative Italian startup of “last mile” deliveries, which with the project SesamoBox supports stores in taking full advantage of the use of Smart Locker, creating a better experience for both sellers and buyers.

What is the project SesamoBox?

Through a network of Smart Lockers (currently located in Rome but in the future in many other cities) SesamoBox supports customers and retailers in different ways:

  • giving the possibility to people to pick up from the Smart Locker the orders made online from any ecommerce site
  • by allowing neighborhood and marketplace retailers to deliver their products to customers after hours and offer people a better shopping experience
  • making available to retailers the packaging specially created by SesamoBox (special containers certified for food use) to package and deliver in total safety the orders of fruits and vegetables.

For this project we at WIB have created two Smart Lockers perfectly integrated with the user interface (mobile App) of SesamoBox and equipped with cells (68 in total) of different sizes to allow users, couriers and retailers to choose the most suitable cell in relation to the product / object to be delivered to the Locker.

How does SesamoBox work?

Subscribing to SesamoBox is assigned a unique code (different for each user) to be inserted – in case of online purchases – in the delivery address indicated in the order.

Who wants, can communicate the code to trusted people or shopkeepers to be delivered food, packages or other purchases in the Locker.

The shopkeeper who registers on the portal can also create and manage his own showcase on the App, from which customers can directly order the desired products, and have them delivered later in the Locker.

For shopkeepers and couriers the use of the Smart Locker is very simple: to deliver the goods or the order it is enough to type the code associated to the user and to choose the cell of the appropriate size to contain the object.

The system then notifies the user of the delivery and generates a collection code that allows him to open the cell to pick up the order when he goes to the locker.

If a user books a cell through the app SesamoBox but on his arrival at the Locker realizes to have made a mistake in the size and to have booked a compartment too small, he can change the choice of the cell directly on the spot, changing it into a larger one or even using more than one.

With the project SesamoBox we want to offer a service able to support the value of stores and local markets, where the logic of proximity to the customer becomes an added social, economic and environmental value; Smart Lockers, which were born for ecommerce but are also perfect for renewing the experience of buying goods in local stores, seemed to us the ideal solution to give this service to the community. The SesamoBox project also looks at sustainability and environmental impact: unique places where to converge multiple deliveries and help reduce food waste of local markets” says Alfredo Babusci, Founder of SesamoBox.

The collaboration with WIB has been a success from the beginning as it has allowed both parties to work in a stimulating and innovative context from the initial phase of design and integration of the app SesamoBox, until the moment of installation of the Locker. The excellent results obtained are a demonstration of this synergy established between us, which led us to put in place further projects for the future always alongside WIB.